Daily Office Morning and Evening Prayers Lent through Holy Week 2013

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Francis, with texts and enrichments antiphons, hymns, etc. It been revised to comply with CW. The link is to the full book online, not an interactive application. If you like it, buy the hardcopy — this is a good version of the Office that I used for several years. Other Anglican Daily Offices. Perhaps readers know of a few that are available in the App or Google Play Stores in their country. If so, please share that in the comments. For those willing to use a web app or install a link on their home page, there are additional options:. The web app looks particularly good on an iPhone.

Remember that the date Down Under is often a day ahead.

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This would be a good choice for someone who thinks that the fuller forms of the Office take up too much time. There are daily prayers following the Anglican Cycle of Prayer. The regular version of the site is visually hideous, but usable on a computer or iPad; it is far too small to read on an iPhone. There is a mobile version aimed at Blackberries, but using it for Morning Prayer on an iOS device will leave 16 open tabs behind. If you are obligated to say the Office in that Use with this app, you have my sympathy. It is apparently no longer available, but still works if you have it.

Protestant Daily Office Apps. The German reform of the Daily Office began even before the English, and this app provides both shorter and fuller daily versions of Matins, Vespers, and the other offices. Scripture, including the Psalms, is drawn mostly from the English Standard Version, with the other material in a compatible style.

There is even provision for making personal notes on the daily scriptural and patristic readings.

Lent Holy Week Easter and the Great Fifty Days: A Ceremonial Guide [Read] Full Ebook

This is what the Daily Office in eCP should be. This draws from The Book of Common Worship The Traditional Catholic Breviary. High Church Anglicans have always been fascinated by the old office and have published several editions, both with the medieval psalm distribution and with the very different arrangement promulgated by Pope Pius X in The only significant differences from the Anglican Breviary are that Scripture including the Psalms is quoted from Douay-Reims rather than King James or Coverdale, there are prayers for the Pope, and some collects differ.

The English text here is displayed in parallel with the currently-authorized Latin text; a Magyar Hungarian version is also available. It also draws on Divinum Officium, but provides a wider collection of texts. In addition to the office of the day, the user can also pray one of four votive offices. This app also provides, as its main mission, the text of the Traditional Latin Mass and videos of daily celebrations using the old rite.

Maundy Thursday (The Diary of Samuel Pepys)

The services are available for download at more convenient times on barrouxchant. The Liturgy of the Hours fills four fat volumes about pages each in Latin or the three official English-language versions which slightly differ between America, Eurasia, and Africa. It is enormously easier to pray the Office with an app, and several are available:. Laudate provides this mostly by tying into various internet sites. The Liturgy of the Hours is served from Universalis.

For copyright reasons, Universalis cannot post the Grail Psalter used in America and Eurasia or the more literal Revised Grail Psalter used in Africa online, so it uses its own translation.

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Other than that, Laudete provides a complete set of all the offices for the current day. It draws all the resources for each day Mass, Office, life of the saint, etc. Since it uses the website, this free app also has the unofficial Psalter, but an in-app purchase allows upgrading to the full Universalis app described below.

Without the upgrade, you can only view the web pages for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The app loads the three days of material on launch and retains it even if the app is quit and restarted in Airplane Mode, so constant web access is unnecessary. Paulo Padrini is the app I prefer and have used most often. It has a clear user interface, uses the Grail Psalms and other authorized texts, and allows downloading up to a week at a time for offline use. Besides the Office, the app also has an extensive collection of prayers and liturgical materials, including all of the Mass texts, and is reportedly the most popular choice for priests who use an iPad to celebrate.

The recent changes in connection with the revision of the Roman Missal have been incorporated into the Daily Office as well. All this comes at the cost of a storage footprint of MB vs. In addition to the features available through Catholic Calendar, the paid app uses the Grail Psalter so it can be used canonically for public worship in most places. The one big advantage to this app over the others is that it downloads all pages of the Liturgy of the Hours at once, so it does not need further web access but a lot of storage.

A priest or religious under obligation to say the Office can be offline for as long as necessary. It is one of the best produced, and has a unique feature: the text for every service is optionally accompanied by a soundtrack — a small group celebrating that Office together. The hymns are sung, but the psalms are oddly just recited. You can join in for the sense of participating in a communal celebration, or just listen in your car or in bed.

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Up to 21 days can be downloaded in advance, so users do not need constant internet access to use the app. Note : all this content — using the Grail Psalter and other texts approved for public use in the United States — is available for free on the divineoffice. Podcasts of the audios can also be downloaded from iTunes.

The app just makes all this much more convenient and less net-access dependent. For the Office of Readings and midday offices, only Divine Office 2, the website, and the podcasts are available; there is an upgrade path for the older apps. They provide other prayers and readings, the latter only in Chinese. The Eastern Rites. To this day, the Eastern Rites whether Catholic, Orthodox, or Non-Chalcedonian observe daily and annual prayer cycles of literally Byzantine complexity.

In some rites, it is impossible to put more than a fraction of the available material into one volume … or a small set of volumes. Not surprisingly, apps that attempt any Eastern-Rite daily office are rare but invaluable. I am told that Litourgia , developed by the Schools of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Beirut, does a remarkable job with the Melkite Byzantine Office, but the services are in Arabic.

This app follows the use of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, the third-largest of the 24 churches in full communion with the Pope after the Latins and Ukrainians. Peter the Apostle based near San Diego. This app provides a short version of their Daily Office in English, with proper seasonal and daily variations, along with a considerable amount of additional prayer material. More, including the recently reformed Liturgy of SS.

James rather than Addai and Mari. It is close kin to the Mar Thoma Church, which is in partial communion with the Anglican churches. Mar Thoma churches in Philadelphia and Dallas have podcasts on iTunes. The chosen language is also reflected in the user interface and supplemental material, but the Office text itself is in Old Armenian. Translations and commentary are promised for future versions.

Daily Readings from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America provides a liturgical calendar with biographies of the major saints on their day, information on fasting, and daily bible readings. There is a glossary of Orthodox terms and a small collection of services, including some from the Daily Office.

This is a good app; it attractively does what it set out to do. The services are basically in the Byzantine Rite mostly in English with a little Arabic and less Greek , but there are some obvious influences from the Roman Rite. The altar is at the head of the nave, not behind the Holy Doors of a solid iconostasis, and some language reflects the recent revision of the Roman Missal.

Worth watching if you have never seen an Eastern service; they have a great choir and clergy in fine voice. Rose looks very promising, but users of iOS 8 will get an error message when they try to access the Melkite liturgical material. The Copts. There is a rich supply of Coptic Church materials available in the App Store, probably because so many Egyptian Christians have immigrated to America.

Many of these apps include the Coptic Daily Office, the Agpeya. Unlike the original Prayer Book and Liturgy of the Hours tradition of distributing the entire Psalter across a month, and the Traditional Breviary use of a once-a-week cycle, the Agpeya distributes all psalms across the offices in a single day. I have used two of these apps:.

It also has slightly more supplementary material. In conclusion: These applications provide a variety of approaches to daily prayer for your use or study. More Daily Office apps appear every week, so use the comments to let us know your favorites.

Lent & Easter Schedule

It is licensed under Creative Commons. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Against weighty tradition, I commend another approach to the Divine Office that makes its origin, and hence its eschatological purpose, quite clear:. Easter Week Diane Jorgensen. Pope Francis invites believers to prepare to celebrate the paschal mystery with mind and heart renewed:. Prayer , which teaches us to abandon idolatry and the self-sufficiency of our ego, and to acknowledge our need of the Lord and his mercy.

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Almsgiving , whereby we escape from the insanity of hoarding everything for ourselves in the illusory belief that we can secure a future that does not belong to us. Let us not allow this season of grace to pass in vain! Let us ask God to help us set out on a path of true conversion. Let us stand beside our brothers and sisters in need, sharing our spiritual and material goods with them.

See members of the Creighton commnity exploring the powerful images in our copy of the Heritage Edition of the St. John's Bible.


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