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Erik was going to say something else, but a hand fell on his shoulder. He looked around and saw that it was Mr Rasputin. He did not look too happy himself. He had probably received his orders from Principal Summers about Erik helping him clean the rooms. Erik sneered up at Mr Rasputin. Mr Rasputin just frowned at him, leading him towards one of the classrooms so that they could begin their work.

Erik followed the custodian's orders and helped out because he and Principal Summers did have an agreement and he didn't want to go to that delinquent school. He knew he would have no more freedom once he gets sent to that place. Furthermore, he didn't want to part from his friends. It was a small price he had to pay. After cleaning half the classrooms with Mr Rasputin, Erik began to pick up his jacket and was about to leave, but Mr Rasputin handed him a piece of paper.

Erik read the written instruction. He had to attend book club next as part of the agreement with that asshat of a principal. Erik was to hand this paper over to Miss Jean Grey, the teacher who supervised the book club. He cursed some more under his breath. He went stalking over to the classroom where the club was holding its current activities. Oh, and look at this! Charles Xavier, the little homo faggot was in the same club. Ain't this quaint?

Erik didn't want to get angry with him, yet he thought it was partly Charles' fault he got caught and now he was getting punished for it. He rarely took things quietly and it would have made him feel a lot better if he could beat that little freak up, but something was stopping him somehow.

Charles did not seem too happy to see him either. It is good to see a new member in our club. Principal Summers told me about you,"Miss Grey greeted him warmly. Erik rudely handed the paper over to her. He heavily sat on a nearby chair, sitting as far away as possible from Charles. Miss Grey did not seem offended by his silent impertinence. Erik's own expression had become stormy, his eyes darkly regarding everyone. Surrounded by nerds and freaks like this made Erik feel discomfited, like they might infect him with their freakishness. He was in a setup that was altogether alien to him.

Ten nerd freaks were in the room with him, all in all. He did not even know the names of some of them. He huffed out a breath, letting the whole room know how bored he was already getting while Miss Grey discussed the new book she wanted the group to read. The book was about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The roomful of freaks were now looking at him. Like we have discussed before, you could do anything creative to your essay. It could be a prop, a video presentation Mr Lehnsherr, since you are new and Charles' own partner left the club, you will be his new partner,".

Charles sighed and got up from his seat, walking over to Miss Grey. She was his favorite teacher in the world and he wanted nothing more than to be just like her, teaching in school or perhaps a university, but what she said made him want to leave the club right then and there. Ms Grey smiled at him kindly. I'm sure you can turn him around and make him a better student,". Charles visibly withered, but he had no choice.

He went over to Erik, who already closed his eyes, pretending to doze off. Charles cleared his throat and the other opened his one eye to look over at him. Go where? He was still annoyed that Charles was the reason he got caught in the first place. He grew even more annoyed upon seeing Charles' face because he made excuses to himself not to get mad at Charles, without even understanding why.

He should be blaming the other for his misfortune. I used to go to the library with my previous partner, but she moved to a different school-". Charles looked over at Miss Grey, who watched their exchange from where she sat at her desk. She wanted to see how Charles would handle the situation. The other students were already privy to their exchange and they were looking over at Erik and Charles uncomfortably.

Charles himself felt awkward in his attempts to talk to Erik. Erik was just too mercurial. One minute he was nice to him, the next he was his mean old self again.

Malign forces of the occult

Again, Charles noticed that Erik was rather attractive. If he was not so antagonistic most of the time and harassing half the school with his sarcasm and his pranks, he would have been one of the school's heartthrobs. Erik's light brown hair fell over his wide forehead in a soft wave. He has a small round scar on his upper lip, yet it did not make him any less handsome.

His eyes are deep and penetrating, looking bluish or green depending on how the light fell on his face and his eyelashes are long, thick and curly for a boy. His nose was straight and perfectly shaped, matching well with his square jaw and his thin lips. He was wearing his black leather jacket as always over a black shirt, along with his ripped jeans and boots. Erik was looking him over strangely, then he eyed Miss Grey. His attention shifted back to Charles' face.

He couldn't get over how tender the other was looking at him, even though he knew Charles must hate him for his meanness. Charles' expression looked uneasy. Erik went to the door and held his hands out in an impatient gesture. Are we going or not? They were in the library, sitting before one of the tables close by the window, staring awkwardly at each other.

Charles did not even know how to discuss the book with Erik. Erik had his hand propped up on his chin, staring at Charles steadily. He did not look bored, but he was looking at Charles in a way which made the other uneasy. Since you're the one with the brains, you do this for us,". Charles nodded stiffly. I don't mind doing it all. As long as no trouble starts between you and me,". Erik fumed quietly, still glaring at Charles. They were like that for a while and then Charles suddenly asked Erik the question he'd had wanted to ask him for some time now.

Over the window thing with the principal? I didn't mean to get you caught-". The other sighed, making a face. Everything got shot to shit in the first place. I'm not angry at you. It's depressing the hell out of me, ok? Erik went still, surprised by the sudden touch from Charles. Charles' fingers were soft and warm against Erik's skin then the other pulled his hand away. Erik didn't know why, but his cheeks felt hotter than normal, just at that fleeting touch. He wondered if Charles could feel the heat rising from him. Charles did not seem to notice the effect he had caused in Erik.

He only seemed worried about getting kicked out of the library since this was one of his favorite places in the school. Erik began to blink repeatedly, as if to clear his sight. Charles' expression softened and he smiled at Erik this time. He opened the book and took out his notepad to write down their ideas for the essay. Charles read some lines for Erik and the other commented on how depressing and sad the book was. Because of the trying circumstances in a character's life, a reader could draw their own ideation on it and learn from the character's situation.

The sense of tragedy-". Charles took his glasses off and stared at him, dumbfounded. So Erik does read books after all. He didn't seem like the type who cared. Mostly his gang had other students doing their homework for them forcibly. Erik suddenly looked up at Charles' face again and he couldn't help but admire the bright blue eyes that regarded him. Charles' well-formed eyebrows arched over his eyes expressively, lending his eyes a tender gaze or a come-hither look, without him realizing it. His nose was slightly hooked, with a spray of light freckles over the bridge of it and his lips; his lips were naturally red, as if he wore lipstick and it stood out even more against the paleness of his skin.

Erik blushed slightly at the thought he was suddenly having. Why was he admiring another boy? Maybe spending too much time with Charles was making him gay. He dated girls in and out of school and even slept with a few of them, but he was not as oddly drawn to each detail of those girls unlike what he was doing with Charles. It wasn't normal. He suddenly had this urge to leave Charles yet despite the conflict within him, he wanted to talk to Charles even more, to keep on looking at him.

Erik drew an eye. Surprisingly, it seemed to look like Charles' eye. Erik drew the eye with such detail that Charles thought Erik could match his skill once given the proper training. Charles let out a sigh, but he still kept on smiling.

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He had a feeling that Erik was warming up to him. He looked relaxed even though he still spoke rudely and he was not glaring down at Charles anymore, which was nice. Why are you defending that asshole?

He's the reason you got beat up like this! Sean and Hank came back for Charles after Shaw had finished rearranging his face and they took him to a clinic to get treated for his bruises and his wounds. A nurse injected some pain reliever into a vein in his arm and he was blissfully numb for a few hours after. His left eye was already puffed up and closed off.

If he really cared about your well-being he shouldn't have let this happen in the first place,". Charles winced, not knowing how to explain the situation to them. Erik of course, belonged to the bullies group at school. If he acted out of character and showed his friends that he did not want to hurt Charles, that would draw some unwanted questions out of Erik and he might even get ousted from his group.

Charles immediately understood this. He had this strange feeling that Erik wanted them to become friends. If not, why did he behave like everything was okay between them when it was just the two of them? He could not inform Hank or Sean about that. Ever since he and Erik became partners in the book club, Erik treated him fine, but when he is around his gang, he ignored Charles and did not let on that they were on friendly terms. It's as if Erik just wanted them to be It was a childish notion and it sounded so naive, but it was the only plausible explanation he could think of on why Erik was nice to him.

Hank and Sean took him back to his house and he was glad his mother was not around to see him beaten to a pulp. Unfortunately, Raven, his younger sister was there to see the sight of him. She's the opposite of Charles. She's a sophomore cheerleader and a popular beauty at school unlike her older, geeky brother and why wouldn't she be stunning? She was tall for her age, with long and flowing golden blond hair, dark blue almond-shaped eyes and a natural tan.

Her beauty and her figure drew admirers to her in droves. It's my own problem so you all butt out of it!

The Stars Malign

He sighed. He had a feeling Erik would not want him sharing information that they've become friends so he made up a reason that was more feasible. I'm their favorite punching bag for now. If I keep quiet, they will probably get tired of picking on me. Since I told on Erik about breaking the principal's windows and destroying the school plants, Erik is probably keeping them off my case so that he won't get into too much trouble.

Hank nodded at that. It made sense because it was the only possible explanation why Erik would send his friends off. However, he pointed something out to Charles. If I try to fight I will just get beat up some more-". Every school has its share of bullies. People like us either get through it or we give up-". Raven stood there listening to Charles' helpless words and feeling terrible she couldn't do anything for Charles. Charles gestured to her. He was still feeling some pain upon his torso where he got kicked the most so he winced and hobbled upon the steps, eventually making it to his bedroom as Raven guided him.

Erik was glad that Charles was out of commission for a while. However, he suddenly began to miss Charles' familiar face. He missed their conversations in the library and he missed seeing those blue eyes looking at him tenderly. He wondered if Charles was feeling okay. He felt restless and frustrated with himself for feeling the way he did about Charles. Why should he be missing him, anyway? What was he to him? He was just some loser who happened to have found a tender spot in Erik.

Erik loathed himself because of it. Why does that guy make him feel this way? He was at home, staring at his cell phone. He wondered if he should call or send Charles a message to determine if he was doing fine. Hell no! This was just too gay. He wanted it to stop before it got any worse. He decided that when Charles got back to school, he would treat him as he always did before, like the freak that he was and not care about Charles' feelings. He had to draw the line. Damn his eyes. Erik couldn't care less.

He went to his computer and began playing an online game just to get these idiotic thoughts out of his head. His cell phone suddenly made a beeping noise. Someone sent him a message, probably one of his friends asking him to meet up for brewskies. When he picked up his phone and read the message on it, his expression soured. It was Charles.

Charles was making him so mad and so frustrated. He didn't want to think about him and now the idiot was sending him messages. He deleted the message. He didn't bother to reply. Why the hell did he give Charles his cell phone number? He went back to his online game, tapping at the keys so violently that they almost popped out. When Charles got back to school a week later, he still had some healing bruises. Principal Summers gave him one quick look and deduced what had happened, but he did not do anything.

He was thinking Erik Lehnsherr had something to do with it. He waited until Charles decided to come forward to report it. Charles had a small bandage under one eye and a yellowing bruise that was healing upon his cheek. He and Erik passed by each other with barely a glance in between classes through the hallway and the locker area. Charles didn't mind. He wanted to talk to Erik after school, during their book club session.

He bided his time. He was in the cafeteria with Sean and Hank, carrying his food tray when the unexpected happened. He was passing by Erik and his crew's table when Erik put his foot out and deliberately tripped him, making him spill the contents of his tray on to the floor and messing up the front of his shirt. Charles stood there in shock, his face reddening with humiliation.

He could feel the blood pounding at his temples. Loud, braying laughter from Erik's friends. Charles lifted his head slowly and met Erik's eyes. He could not understand the hatred and coldness emanating from the other.

Writer and Teacher

More troll-like laughter from Erik's circle of merry assholes. Charles felt tears start from his eyes as he stood there, shaking. Why did Erik do that? Erik never did that to him before. Erik mostly just said snide things, but nothing as bad as this. Charles had no control over the emotions that suddenly overtook him.

He went over to Erik as he sat there smugly and slapped him in the face. Everyone in the cafeteria looked on in shocked silence; the one that was most shocked of all was Erik. He sat there looking stunned, his mouth slightly open as he met those blue eyes that sparkled with tears.

The pain in those eyes; Charles' expression looked angry and hurt, his chin trembling. Erik stood up quickly and grabbed Charles' collar roughly, gritting his teeth. He wanted Charles to stop looking at him that way; it seemed to tug at his heart for some reason. Erik looked up at the wrathful face of their Phys Ed teacher, Mr Logan.

Man, I could call in social services for abuse-". Try me.

I'll have everyone here vouching you were bullying that boy and I only lifted my little ol' pinkie just to suppress you. You think you're so smart, let's see you smart off the principal's office and have a nice long detention for you, asshole! Mr Logan roughly grabbed at Erik's collar and hauled him off unceremoniously towards the principal's office. Sean and Hank went over to help Charles. Charles barely had any appetite to eat his lunch, morosely looking over at Erik's friends who gave him murderous looks.

Things had definitely gotten worse. They would probably lie in wait for him after school. All day long in class, Erik kept giving him a deadly stare that would have melted metal. Erik was visibly seething after his humiliation in the cafeteria. Charles thought that Erik wouldn't show up for book club after he finished cleaning the rooms with Mr Rasputin.

He could never have been so wrong. Erik sat right next to him and gave him that frightening smile he reserved for people who crossed him. After Miss Grey briefed them on a new book she assigned for them to read, Charles stood up quietly, thinking not to ask Erik to join him in the library, but Erik actually followed him and they sat in their usual spot. Erik just glared at him. This was the old Erik, the bully who terrorized everyone else. Charles wondered if Erik will hurt him in the library.

Charles did not bother to talk, he began to read the book assigned to them by himself. Erik suddenly slapped a hand noisily upon the table, making Charles jump in his seat. Erik gave him another of his cold, shark-like smiles. Erik snorted and nearly guffawed laughter at that. Whoever gave you the idea that we are friends? I just played you and you fucking can't see it-". Charles visibly trembled again, the anger rising within him. He was such a fool.

What does malign mean?

He thought that he and Erik would eventually become friends. Of course Erik was just toying with him all along! He cursed himself for getting carried away. He was not going to sit back and take his lumps any longer. I don't care what you do to me after. Maybe you can send us all a letter from reform school-". Erik's face fell. He moved, quick as a snake and grabbed at Charles' throat, his face mere inches from Charles' own. Erik could smell Charles' breath, he smelled of peaches.

Erik ignored the distraction and focused his wrath on Charles. I'm coming to get you, just you wait! Erik had skipped detention by escaping out of the school grounds. He told his friends he won't be meeting them later because he was going to clobber a tattling little homo. Shaw and the rest offered to help, but Erik said he wanted to get the little piece of shit all by himself.

He was glad he brought his car that day because he will be driving him a gay ass off to the bay and beat Charles senseless. That had been Erik's plan. He waited in his car, which he parked some distance away from school. Charles was sure to get out the back gate. Erik knew Charles was still finishing that prissy little mural at the teacher's lounge.

Charles looked about furtively, watching out for any attack, but he didn't see Erik in his car. Charles was wearing this dark blue cardigan over a pale blue shirt; the small bandage gone from his face. He must have changed clothes from earlier because that wasn't what he was wearing when Erik spoke to him in the library. Erik smiled to himself smugly. He made sure Charles was some distance away from him; he drove on the opposite side of the street slowly, keeping Charles in his line of sight. Then, he made his move. Charles cried out when he heard a screech of wheels at his back.

He thought he was going to get hit by a car. It was Erik. He quickly brought the car to a halt right next to the curb where Charles stood. Erik brought the side window down and glared up at Charles. Charles cursed under his breath and finally relented. He knew Erik meant it, too. He got into the car and he had barely shut the door close when Erik immediately sped off again, making the wheels screech.

Erik drove on quietly, not even looking over at Charles as the other sat there, awkwardly clutching his bag to his chest. Erik remained silent. He gave Charles one menacing glare and drove on. It made Charles' heart drop down to his stomach and he swallowed dryly. They were on the main road for almost twenty minutes. Erik was driving them towards the direction of the bay. Charles was becoming frightened now. What was Erik going to do to him that it required him to drive Charles far away from the city proper?

Erik took another turn, driving the car into the inland beach, where there won't be anymore people because of the high tide. Erik parked his car on the grassy lot and he opened the passenger side door on Charles' side, gesturing for him to get out. Charles moved sluggishly, he felt trapped and frightened. He should have gone home early or had a teacher escort him.

This would not have happened if he had his friends with him. He was thinking all these thoughts now, but it was too late.

See a Problem?

Earlier, he had been secure in the thought that Erik would not get him that day because he would be in detention and that Erik's friends would be waiting at the side gate this time. Erik quickly grabbed his arm and walked him over to the beach and then he pushed Charles away from himself. Search result for -malign- 27 entries 1. You can Suggest your own translation to Longdo or Search other online dictionaries. Top Contributors. EN: anon. Longdo makes use of many freely available dictionaries we are really grateful for this , please refer to their terms and licenses see Longdo About page.

Search result for -malign- 27 entries. The type of cancer you have is malign ant and inoperable. Specializing in psychopathy, malign ant narcissism disorder Synonyms: injurious , pernicious , unfavorable , baneful , very bad. Synonyms: revile , slander , abuse , calumniate , asperse , defame , blacken , traduce , scandalize , disparage , vilify. Princeton's WordNet 0.

Wiktionary 0. English Synonyms and Antonyms 3. Dictionary of English Synonymes 0. Synonyms: malicious , malevolent , malignant , ill-disposed malign a. Synonyms: injurious , pernicious , unfavorable , baneful , very bad malign v. PPDB, the paraphrase database 0. How to pronounce malign? Alex US English. Daniel British. Karen Australian. Veena Indian.