Kirstie and the Hawaiian Sea Turtles

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The plot : The twins are forced to plan and execute their own Christmas party. They find themselves scrambling from a schedule perspective. The plot: Mary-Kate and Ashley are so bored they are counting the tiles in the ceiling and the floor, respectively. So they decide to go to the Mall of America with their cool cousin Jamie, who makes vague reference to their mother, who we now know exists.

At the end, they perform for the mall patrons, contradicting their alleged normie status. The names: Tess and Emily Tyler. Mary-Kate is high-diver Tess, Ashley is surfer-chick Emily another stunning and rare swap , and their dad is a widower — naturally. To find him a girlfriend, the twins paint a billboard advertising his attributes.

They get him a girlfriend, and as a casual B-plot, expose his agent for selling knockoffs of his artwork. The lesson: Art and commerce are inextricably linked; even a talented painter must advertise himself as a commodity to find love. In slo-mo, scored by a dramatic rock soundtrack, she executes a perfect dive and saves the day. The girls bike to an island off the Gulf of Mexico and learn the real culprit is an active volcano.

The most surreal moment: The Olsens stand directly next to an active volcano with a man in a silver heat-resistant suit and sing a song about volcanoes. This would be their final serial film.

The names: Maddie and Abby Parker. The plot: Maddie and Abby have witnessed and incidentally thwarted a diamond heist, and have to enter the Witness Protection Program. Unfortunately, they are insatiable gossips and cannot stop revealing their protected status to their peers. They are sent to every single location in the entire world.

The lesson: The Witness Protection Program has too high of a budget. The names: Melanie and Allyson Porter. The plot: Mel and Ally are boy-crazy, and this upsets their parents, who decide the only way to squelch their young lust is to send them to Paris?! At one point they convince a government official to support the notion of clean drinking water.

The most surreal moment: Much like in Holiday in the Sun , these spoiled-ass twins are devastated to go to Paris over their spring break. An adult supermodel spends many days shuttling a pair of year-old girls she just met around the city for free. The names: Mary-Kate and Ashley, non-famous party hostesses. The plot: The girls throw themselves a birthday party, which is extremely normal.

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However, yet again, they have to plan it without any help from a parental figure, and on the actual day of their birthday. The lesson: Kids need to be supervised. The most surreal moment: The twins seem to live alone in their own gigantic house, where they must bake their own cake, send out their own invitations, rent their own Moon Bounce by searching in the Yellow Pages, and supervise their own pool party held on the same day. At one point, Ashley dresses up like a tavern wench.

Another chilling meditation on the loneliness of fame. The lesson: Do not trust the authorities. They collaborate with vigilante children. Moving on: the twins are in search of a mystery, and they find one when they stumble upon what they believe to be a dead body in the woods. Jesus Christ. The lesson: Do not go to Sea World. The most surreal moment: The twins calmly walk around trying to find a corpse for 27 minutes.

They board a cruise ship, alone, in pursuit of said corpse. They sneak onto said cruise ship inside a gigantic box.


Kramer, to get them all on a cruise ship for a nice family vacation. Jesus … Christ. The plot: The too-horny parents are back in this sequel to Sea World. The names: Shane and Elizabeth Dalton. But soon they realize they must pull together so their team can win college scholarships and they can make out with boys without being disqualified. The lesson: Vegans and students can be friends. The girls escape down the beach, running off camera. The most surreal moment: The twins remind us, yet again, that they are overworked and existentially parched.

The twins discover the ranch is merely built atop an active geological site overflowing with oil. The lesson: The Olsen twins are shills for BP. The names: Sarah and Julie Thompson. The entire film details their difficult journey; for the most part, they travel around with a stranger who has a crush on their mom and drives a delivery truck. The lesson: If you run away, you will get kidnapped, but eventually your family will win the lottery.

The most surreal moment: Either when hardened criminal Rhea Perlman holds the Olsen twins for ransom, or when the twins walk up to a b lack street performer and drop chicken bones into his trumpet case. At one point, Mary-Kate and Ashley sing a desperate song a bout how their doggy ate their homework, which took them a month to do?

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The lesson: Even in the face of potential world-altering intel, the day-to-day demands of quotidian life are hard to shake. The names: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, child stars. The plot: In a case fit for the Olsen twins, Our First Video has mysteriously disappeared in every official sense. The lesson: Child trafficking is fine and actually cute if you, the trafficker, are also a child. A Bill Clinton impersonator stars alongside the twins, sensually playing the saxophone atop his desk, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

The girls dance with pieces of broccoli. This time, they decide to go on a whim, bring a bunch of other children, and frolic, unattended, in the Pacific Ocean. They reveal themselves to be prolific surfers. Travel time to Dauin is around 30 minutes. We arrived at approximately AM and were immediately directed to another staff who had the master list of guests.

Snorkeling with Sea Turtles in Maui

We never docked to the main beach. Rather, we were mostly anchored at sea. Before we dived into the water, the staff introduced us to the guides. Each guide was supposed to have a maximum of 4 persons to handle and assist. This is for safety reasons and to ensure that no guests is left behind. One of the guides spotted one sea turtle and naturally, almost everyone went near it, including us.

For the record, the guides were always reminding everyone not to get close or touch the sea turtles. It was a bit stressful to see that. I, however kept my distance and just contented myself with watching them from afar. Thankfully, my husband is a good swimmer and got ourselves great shots of the sea turtle without touching them — some with him on the photo at the background.

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  • After a few minutes of swimming and observing the sea turtles, we went back to the boat. We were supposed to go nearer to the second site where we would be once again swimming with the sea turtles. Actually, the sites were not that far from each other. I was expecting to be taken around Apo Island to see the sea turtles. But we were just transferring from one spot to the other on the same side of Apo Island. Anyway, back on board, there was a problem with the engine and we had to wait for a while.

    Antarctica & Patagonia Ventures Team | Seabourn

    Soon we were given the option to wait until the engine is fixed or just swim to the next spot. It was a bit farther than the first snorkelling site. This time, we were taken near a secluded portion of Apo Island where the water was shallower than the first. Here we saw two 2 sea turtles at once. It was pretty cool seeing them gliding along without a care at all.. The sea turtles were mostly looking for food and eating them on the seabed.

    When most of us got tired, we were guided to the beach. It felt like a scene from survivors. There are no facilities here, just the beach, the sun and the trees. A few minutes of soaking up the sun and we were once again called out to get back to the boat, which thankfully was working again. Food was already being served to the guests who were already there. We were each given a plate of Pancit a Filipino native cuisine made of noodles and veggies and hard boiled egg.

    There was fresh watermelon too. Re-fills were available should one wish for another serving.

    The portions given to us were pretty generous so one plate was enough at least for me. After lunch, we sailed to another spot at Apo Island.

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    This time it was much closer to the main beach. We were once again taken near the sea turtles as they were eating and swimming. This time, most of our companions kept their distance too. I love to mention the fact that Apo Island has a rich coral reef. Back at Dauin, the service vehicles were waiting to take us back to the Harolds Dive Centre. We arrived at the Dive Centre at around PM. After returning our gear, we went back to the hostel to pick up our things and hailed a tricycle to our new accommodation for the rest of the trip.

    From Dumaguete, ride either a bus or a jeep to take you to Malatapay. You can tell the driver or the bus ticketing officer to drop you off at the Malatapay Market. Fare is at 25 Php per head 0. At the Malatapay Market you have two 2 options to hire a boat to take you to Apo Island. Boat rates start at 2, Php Please check prices of boats as it may increase or decrease over time.

    Also, before you dock at Apo Island, secure your ride back to avoid getting stranded especially if riding the public boat. Rates start at 5 Php to Php. But again, please double check the rates upon your arrival. This will be the guide fee as you will not be allowed to dive or snorkel anywhere without a local guide. We had a quick chat with a local from Valencia when we went to visit Casaroro Falls and Pulangbato Falls. I would have loved to see the private reef, but Michaelmas Cay was still a stunning place for snorkeling, and we had plenty of time to enjoy the wildlife there.

    A glass-bottomed boat carried us from the Passions of Paradise boat to the cay, which, as a bird sanctuary, is home to over 23 species of birds who had clearly made the island their own. The highlight of the day, though, was when we spotted a sea turtle floating just a few meters away and swam alongside him for a while. I will say that seeing the reef from above would be ideal if I had all the money in the world to pay for a helicopter tour!

    Yes, that is a stingray. That particular variety with the purple spots is just gorgeous and quite prolific in some areas. It is stunning but absolutely nothing beats seeing it through a snorkelling mask. T — The best place in the world to see a platypus. Ah cool thanks! Pretty cool to see out in the water! How funny, we have similar articles up but from different perspectives. I have covered the city of Cairns and you have spectacularly covered snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef.