Private Practices: Girls Reading Fiction And Constructing Identity (International Labour Series)

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Fans of Western romances will be happy to hear that Beverly Jenkins is setting her new series in the Old West. Rhine Fontaine does what he can to pass as white. After being rescued by Rhine in the desert, Eddy is struggling to fight the attraction she feels for him. Fans will not be disappointed with her latest. In our eyes, Christina Lauren can do no wrong. This installment features the budding romance between Luke and London. But when they meet, neither can ignore the spark of passion that they feel for each other. This can be read as a stand-alone novel, but we think new readers should treat themselves to the other titles in this series.

The third and final book in C.

D-CENT: Research on digital identity ecosystems

Once the prince of Akielos, Damen has been concealing his true identity from his captor and sworn enemy, Prince Laurent. Damen is no longer the unwilling captive he once was, and has grown fond of Laurent. This is a dark and erotic novel, filled with political intrigue. On shelves: December 1. Secret Sisters You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave New York Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz knows how to thrill her readers, and her latest romantic suspense is another page-turning read. On shelves: December 8. On shelves: December On shelves: January On shelves: February 2.

Kings Rising Long live the kings The third and final book in C. Jun 28, 0. Jun 19, 0. Jun 13, 0. Jun 10, 0. Zero K by Don DeLillo. The story follows Jeffrey Lockhart and his sixty-year-old billionaire father, Ross, who is an investor at the cryogenic facility. Ross gives the long, cold goodbye to Artis, his young-but-ailing wife, who shares his view of delaying life in favor of a better world.

Jeff, meanwhile, believes in the here-and-now. It'll be interesting to see how he handles genre tropes while meditating on the meaning of life. All Fixed Up by Linda Grimes. Ciel uses her talent to help pay the bills by assuming clients' identities to help them get out of jams.


Her latest job is to impersonate a celebrated astronaut about to make a stunning announcement about the space program. However, there are those who see trough Ciel's outer aura and pose a danger not just to her, but other adaptors as well. The God Wave by Patrick Hemstreet. Lead neuroscientist Chuck Brenton discovered the key to making humans god-like, but now a sinister group of power players want to control Brenton's superbeings.

D-CENT: Research on digital identity ecosystems | Nesta

The Fireman by Joe Hill. The spore known as Dragonscale marks its victims with flecks of black and gold before they burst into flame.

Society is thrown into turmoil as self-appointed posses called Cremation Squads take to the streets to kill the infected. There is no cure, but a band of improbable heroes led by the enigmatic man known as the Fireman aim to try to stop it. Roses and Rot by Kat Howard. Now, as adults, they escape by enrolling in a post-grad arts program to live a fairy tale life.

But all is not as it seems at school: events transpire that will pit Imogen and Marin against one another. WHAT IT'S ABOUT: In this historical fantasy, the lives of several interconnected characters are impacted by a holy war: Danica, a woman warrior out to avenge her family; Leonora, an angry spy posing as a doctor's wife; Pero, a young artist traveling to the dangerous east to paint the grand khalif, and the captain of the merchant ship that carries them.

Their latest mission involves the sudden reappearance of a long-forgotten adversary, robots and androids attacking Earth, and new aliens with amazing abilities. But her hopes are dashed when the war takes a turn for the worse and the family dragonry is called upon to help. However, the appearance of a Summer Dragon, one of the rare and mythical High Dragons, is an omen of change. Trouble is, powerful factions are bent on making it a change for the worse. Since age sixteen, she has been the girl that nobody remembers, not even her family. It makes her life difficult, but it also makes her very dangerous.

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In addition to Central Station , there are more short fiction titles you'll definitely want to seek out if you enjoy short fiction:. You can follow him on Twitter as sfsignal.

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