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Children of Fire. Judith Wiker is a confessional poet, daring and eruptive, feeling the pulse of each moment Judith Wiker is a confessional poet, daring and eruptive, feeling the pulse of each moment teasing out that which moves ever so slightly, inlaying humor while gutting herself clean.

She spirals through her visceral language with the rhythm that calls Children Of The Blessing. The gods battled for thousands of years before they established balance in Lemuria; the children The gods battled for thousands of years before they established balance in Lemuria; the children of the blessing are about to upset that balance. So, please, parents, think about those who have paid a lot for a seat and give some consideration to us!

I have been on more flights with poorly behaved businessmen than poorly behaved children. It really does come down to parenting in both cases! Ultimately, I think that the kind of people who would be affronted by children on a plane will feel that way in any class of service, including economy.

He was great on the flight we got up twice for diaper changes and he napped the rest of the time — no tears or noise or anything. You have to parent your kids to be on their best behavior possible on flights, regardless of class, and then just book what works for your family. I have flown many business class flights with kids. Some well behaved and some whose screams battle my noise cancelling headphones at its highest setting and a pillow wrapped around each ear ala princess leia. That said, I never blame the child because they are so young there is no way they can be expected to be reasoned that people paid a lot of money for their flight and want value for their money.

However, at times I will blame the parents. Some are great, some I feel bad for because you know they want nothing more than a quiet child. Its not like parents want to have a screaming child on a plane anymore than we do. But there are some clueless parent. I have a friend who was a prime example. You see my friend has an awful case of cinderella complex where she says idiotic things to me like true love will conquer your problems to which I would reply oh zip it unless you have a useful solution. Anyway, I told her it would be a bad idea because the child had never flown so there is no way of knowing what her reaction would be and she is too young to be reasoned with.

Unfortunately, a lot of people decides to try it out anyway which is why many passengers have to deal with this unpleasant situation. Now if the family have to travel such as for emergencies then they have no choice. And when the kid want something else the mom would just casually brush all the popcorn onto the floor of the aisle.

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The only reasonable solution is for me to win the lottery and fly private. Everyone deserves to have a pleasant in-flight experience no matter what cabin they are travelling in. You win some and lose some. It seems to me that appetite to bring children in F is limited to those who can do so with miles, essentially a few americans who use their CC bonuses.

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It is unlikely that many people would happily buy 3 or 4 full fare F tickets. I would be considerate to others who pay and expect premium and not bring my children. The aircraft has 8 FC seats in a 1 — 2 — 1 layout. I was seated by the window in 1A. The other 7 seats were being occupied by one family. I kept thinking it would have been cheaper for the family to charter a corporate jet! The kids behaved perfectly well — better than most adults. The father came by before we took off to apologize in advance.

Can Young Kids Fly In First?

But there was no need. Before the flight landed, I commented to the Mother that the kids were perfect angels. She beamed and said thank you. The FA said the family flies the route 3x year — all of them plus the bodyguard — 7 FC tickets?!?!? I think people making bookings with family should only be given the option of Economy or Premium Economy. It is the category of that can cry, scream, tends to talk at 95 decibels, runs around, not even to talk about loading up diapers during a longer flight.

Once traveling, a small toddler was running around the terminal screaming….. And the parent? All he did was trot along behind her. Not sure if it is because of change in cabin pressure but occasionally the wheels have not even left the tarmac or the first six pounder WMD got loaded already.

Most parents have at least the decency to replace the thing in a toilet but occasionally I have seen this happening on the table tray. On a 16 hours flight the same thing will be repeated several times. So please please not in FC or BC. I recall on my return flight from Tokyo to Zurich in Business. The Parents were sitting in first and left their two kids baby and one year old? The Nannies did a poor Job handling the kids because they were preoccupied with the free champagne.

The kids pretty much slept for the first half of the flight until the cabin was turned dark for people to sleep until arrival in Zurich. In the end pretty much nobody slept. If you have kids acting like that you should seriously rethink how you raise them. If your kids act well go for it, if not leave them at home. The thing is that everyone thinks they are great parents and that their kids are well behaved.

On some HKG-PEK flights in F especially early morning flights , the toddlers are seen but never heard… maybe the parents drug the kids or they are too sleepy to make any noise…. There was a family with twin 2-year-olds in the cabin, and one of them was always screaming or crying or thumping something.

It was fairly miserable to be flying in such a great seat and deal with that. It is what it is. As always, a very nice perspective from Travis. The privacy and space issue is not usually mentioned in many family-travel blogs — they usually turn this topic into an I-love-kids vs I-hate-kids debate. Great advice. Crying babies can make a flight brutal. In this day and age, I am just so grateful every time when I fly from point A to B in one piece, and not have had a plane malfunction, running out of fuel, suicidal pilot, or airport shooting, etc.

Qantas first can be problematic with the 3 across seating but our biggest issue when traveling as a family is finding enough First cabin space. If it is a travelling car seat, is it easy to strap it onto the seat?

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What is the longest length of time your kids have travelled non stop in that seat? What is your feedback? Not a huge fan of kids in biz or first that are under the age of five. Travis, at what point do you educate your child that shoes on the seat is not acceptable? Scott, at what point do you educate your attendant that you are unable to change your own adult diaper due to the smoothness of your brain? Great observation, that is indeed a disgusting pic that perfectly illustrates why kids below 10 should not be in FC.

Great post Travis.

We were very worried about all this but FWIW chalk ours up as another experience that was great. Luckily due to the holidays C was widely open and our daughter ended up with her own seat offered by the FA, not taken or requested by us and slept entire outbound much better than I did as I know Ben would attest. The lady behind us who gave quite the dirty looking boarding actually smiled and complimented our daughter while deplaning. The return in F was much tougher, mostly because it was a daytime flight.

The FAs and purser were fantastic however, and invited us to hang out in the galley area anytime we wanted. We purchased some individually wrapped premium cholocaltes in duty free which they graciously accepted. They may not have cared, but it sent a message that we wanted to be gracious guests and they responded in kind as hosts.

In the future in F I might do something similar for the other pax. Getting the most fun and luxury or rest out of F, especially on a daytime flight, will be hard with a toddler duh! The higher the class, the better behavior the kid should have. The parents need to have control over the kids, and both need to be quiet, especially when people are sleeping.

If the airport has a kid play area, let them be there and burn energy. We have had this problem before, and the first class parents need to think about the hundreds of other people on the plane, instead of themselves. Are you people retarded? Coach is for families, loud and crying toddlers and infants. Shaking my head. Collette, sorry but your an idiot, premium cabins are for whomever can pay for them. Of course you need to keep your kids under control, but I really hope the next time I fly I and my family am sitting all around you just to show you how ignorant you are.

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I guess from your hillbilly response that you maybe got that one time op-up or the premium economy experience. Traveling with a baby will make you see the ugly side of human beings. One British guy said things to my wife before when we flied coach with my kid and I just ran off on the loser. An obese loser gave my wife looks when she traveled with my kiddo alone. After that, I always fly first class with my kids because rich folks at least are less grumpy, better educated, and more pretentious. We are fortunate to be able to afford it and we did not run into low class losers after that.

The worst thing happened was that an old man in first class sighed when my baby cried. I used this to motivate my oldest son to study and work hard so that he can live in a wealthy neighborhood like we do now, send his kids to private school, marry a girl from a good family, and travel with the winners. This is what my Dad taught me and I am glad he told me the truth. Like Malaysia Airlines, children under 10 should not be allowed in First. They are disruptive, noisy and can not be controlled. The self entitled parents think nothing of disrupting people who have paid s of dollars for the flight.

The photo of the 2 year old in the first suite is laughable. Total self entitlement. My kids are currently 4 and 8. However, despite the fact that they have historically been good, I always spend every minute of every flight worrying over their feet bopping the seat in front. So in booking our first family flight to Europe, I decided to book first class. Just a thought to add to the considerations here. GREAT article and timely as well, as more and more business travelers want to go on vacation with their families and not sacrifice comfort.

Special kudos to Air India for providing a complementary inflight nanny, all-he-could-eat preordered snacks and entertainment galore while my husband and I got some much needed rest!