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    We may share your information with other companies within Australia for the purpose of providing goods or services that you have requested. Following AWAKE's approval in autumn , the first proton beams were sent to the plasma cell at the end of During the — run, strong wakefields generated by the proton beams in plasma were observed for the first time and studied in detail.

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    • In , electrons will be generated in these plasma wakefields. Besides demonstrating how protons can be used to generate wakefields, AWAKE will also develop the necessary technologies for long-term, proton-driven plasma acceleration projects. These artists risked their own safety to capture images of police firing mace, pepper spray and rubber bullets at peaceful water protectors, journalists and medics at point-blank range. This film is not only shows a very brutal police repression of a peaceful protest, it is also a compilation of emotional interviews with members of the camp responding to having their civil liberties trampled on.

      In addition, this film is a cautionary tale, as these kinds of battles against the oil industry are becoming more prevalent in the United States and the World. We anticipate that the Awake Media Fund will support new short pieces, feature films, articles and the hiring key PR reps for indigenous causes.

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      The Awake Media Fund will assist with turning potential Indigenous projects into actual projects and assist Indigenous journalists and filmmakers with launching their careers so that Native American stories can reach more homes, more social media sites, touch more hearts and inspire Native and non-Native alike to stand for and seek out justice, equality, while maintaining their storied traditions and culture. There are dozens of new protest camps forming around the country in response to new proposed pipelines across the country. We need to report on these stories by creating new short films on them and help people organize their own direct actions by bringing our tours and rallies directly to the pipeline battles.

      Awaken (ft. Valerie Broussard) - League of Legends Cinematic - Season 2019

      The Pipeline Fighters Fund will contribute to these crucial battles by funding new media reporting and direct action. Both funds will also assist in helping water protectors heal from the trauma of frontline campaigns.


      Many water protectors and veterans suffer from PTSD from their actions and from the abuse of police, jail systems and other authorities. I am not dreaming. Now on. I've been woken by the spirit inside that demanded I open my eyes and see the world around me. Seeing that my children's future was in peril. See that my life couldn't wait and slumber anymore. See that I was honored to be among those who are awake. To be alive at this point in time is to see the rising of the Oceti Sakowin.

      To see the gathering of nations and beyond that, the gathering of all races and all faiths. Will you wake up and dream with us?