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Post Script:. Every package had this label: "All races and creeds make up the vast melting pot of America, and in a democratic and Christian spirit of good will toward men, we, the American people, have worked together to bring this food to your doorsteps, hoping that it will tide you over until your own fields are again rich and abundant with crops. This message was written in Italian and French and printed beside the American flag. It should be noted that the Friendship Train had absolutely no connection with the Marshall Plan.

The former was sponsored by the people, not the government. Distribution of the Food in Europe. What would happen to the food when it reached its destination?

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Pearson wanted to be certain that the Europeans knew unequivocally the source of the food. In order to accomplish that objective, the Friendship Trains also carried tacks, hammers, tapes, and nails so that they could display the banner of the cities and states which had donated a particular boxcar even though many of the cars already had them.

He wanted absolutely no doubt that when the French and Italian trains and trucks transported the gift-laden boxcars, the source was the United States of America.

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Also, in keeping with his objective, European movie theaters ran newsreels taken in America which showed the Friendship Train's cargo being loaded in numerous cities. Additionally, Pearson had sent a team of men in advance of the train so that they could foil Communist interruptions of the distributions and also curtail black market activity as much as possible.

Distribution of the food in was accomplished by both French and American organizations working there. Pearson appointed American Aid to France, Inc. Pearson stated that he also wanted agencies from the three principal religions in America, Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant, to be part of the distribution work, designating the Church World Service, the Joint distribution Committee, and the National Catholic Welfare Committee for that task.

In both Italy and France the distribution trains were called Friendship Trains.

Friendship Train 3pk - Rel. 01/18

Local ceremonies celebrated the train wherever it stopped. France ran ten trains throughout the country. In both Italy and France the trains were called Friendship Trains. Local ceremonies were held wherever the train stopped. In Paris about 50 trucks laden with the foodstuffs drove down the Champs Elysees past the Arc de Triomphe--the first occasion in peacetime when trucks were permitted on this famous thoroughfare--then down Rue de Rivoli to City Hall.

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  • After both spoke briefly to the large crowd, the Mayor provided a sumptuous repast for the American benefactors. They received another honorable reception when President Auriol greeted them and invited them to lunch. Pearson stated that the President spoke eloquently in appreciation of the Friendship Train. Pearson stated that although the Italians were at first not as familiar with the Friendship Train as the French, at the end of the experience they were probably even more exuberant than the French. In Rome trucks drove from the railroad station past the Palazzio Venezia and the Coliseum to the Campidoglio.

    Pearson traveled on the train going to Rome. Upon arrival in the Eternal City, Pearson officially presented the train to the Mayor who spoke briefly to the crowd. Pearson also granted a marathon of interviews, speaking with the Italian press for three hours. In Florence and Bologna he received thrilling receptions, finding very excited people in every town. However, the best receptions, Pearson declares, were in the smaller towns they entered after leaving Milan. The enthusiasm was so high that he ordered the engineer to stop at every station where there were people, regardless of whether the stop had been planned.

    This order required the train to stop almost every 15 minutes, and even though these towns had not yet received any food, the people were really happy to see Pearson and the committee. In Gorizia 10, greeted the train. At Udine the crowd was so large that Pearson had to go to the town square to speak.

    Friendship Train 3pk - Rel. 01/18

    The day after Pearson had spoken in Rome , every newspaper in Italy, except for the Communist papers, told the story of the Friendship Train. One week later the train was still front-page news. American newsmen and Embassy officials told Pearson that the reception he and the train received was incredible. By Vimal Bhatia. Jaisalmer: Amid rising tension between India and Pakistan, the fate of Thar Express , the friendship train from Khokhrapar in Pakistan to Munabao in India, hangs in balance.

    Although Pak citizens, who had come to India, are suddenly going back in droves, there are few Pakistani visitors to India. The sudden downfall in number of passengers may provide Indian authorities a reasonable plea to terminate services of the train. The train has been running uninterrupted since February 18, Cross-border passengers are not being given visa clearances like in the past.

    The Friendship Train

    He said Pakistani citizens had started going back soon after the terror attacks on Mumbai. According to immigration office records, as many as passengers went to Pakistan on December Of them, were Pakistani citizens and only were Indians, besides two citizens from the UK. Similarly, passengers came to India of which were Indians and Pakistanis , besides one person from the UK.

    On December 13, a total of Pakistani citizens took the train back to Pakistan and Indians were aboard the same train. He, however, said he was not aware of suspending the train. Follow us on. Download et app. Become a member. Mail This Article. My Saved Articles Sign in Sign up. Find this comment offensive? This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: Foul language Slanderous Inciting hatred against a certain community Others.