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In addition, legendary musician Booker T. It was a hit only on the Billboard Adult Alternative chart, where it reached 1. So many people feeling unloved. Little girls who got so excited for the last election, and are dealing with the fallout. The song is just for people that feel under-represented, unloved or illegal.

Djinn Lover by Michelle Howard

With his signature hat and long hair, and pleasing low-key folk-rock style, he quickly built a huge following. James had ditched the hat, cut his hair and replaced his casual clothing style with a hot pink sequined shirt and black leather pants, and he looked hot!


The song actually has a rather rough, gravelly production sound, which some felt detracted from its overall quality. My feelings are mixed about it, and perhaps James wanted a more rugged sound. The songs is about escape and not wanting to commit to a relationship, and the official video for the song is cleverly done, showing scenes of James building a rocket ship in the garage.

This is definitely my guilty pleasure track of ! Lauderdale, Florida, and he released one of the hottest singles of From the moment I first heard that funky opening guitar riff and deep bass-driven beat, I was hooked. Me and you take a shot we can unwind. I really like his rapid-fire rapping on this song. The song is not a complaint about how things were better or anything like that. Gold rush Where all the old buildings stood.

Gold rush And they keep digging it down and down Gold rush so that their cars can live underground. The rich and varied layered instrumentals are marvelous, especially the recurring little piano riff.


British to the very last. In addition to the Robert Plant similarity, their guitar-driven blues-rock sound has also been compared to Led Zeppelin. Vincent At the Disco The Man Flay Joy The Man 24 The Man 27 Discs Dummy had a lot in common with the creepy beatscapes of the Wu-Tang Clan's RZA but its depth-charge emotional power also evoked Forties noir and late-night, last-cigarette balladry.

Arctic Monkeys Domino Now this was one strange Brit-pop success story: Where were the fashion statements and model girlfriends? It turned out that all the Monkeys needed to conquer the world was scrappy, lager-fueled tunes about being young and bored in a bleak steel town. Alex Turner sang about waiting all week for Saturday night, only to strike out with the same local girls he bombed with last week. Thanks to Turner's big bag of creaky melodies and the band's snaggletoothed guitar attack, even America couldn't resist pub-punk gems like the raging, sexy "I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor.

Hip-hop had been harder, but it had rarely been this dirty. Steeped in dusty soul samples and spine-crawling pianos, the RZA's epochal beats seem to hang suspended in billows of weed smoke, the perfect lush, menacing ambient for the project-stairwell grandstanding of Raekwon, GZA, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, et al. The B's Warner Bros. The debut by the B's sounds like a bunch of high school friends cramming all their running jokes, goofy sounds and private nicknames into a New Wave record.

It turned out nobody could resist the band's campy, arty funk, or the eccentric squeals and bouffant hairdos of Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson. Playing organ, Pierson also defined the band's sound. They played toy instruments, and their thrift-store image was as inventive and colorful as their music — which, with "Rock Lobster," was pretty inventive and colorful.

Van Halen Warner Bros. The strutting frontman as spandex-clad love machine, the finger-flying guitar hero, the kegstand rhythm section: Van Halen was the ultimate party band and their debut feels like the Eighties arriving two years ahead of schedule. A rap album? Songs like "Sucker M. It was music that had the swagger, the attitude—the volume—of rock and roll; on "Rock Box," Run-D.

It's All Over Now - Wikipedia

Pavement were the quintessential American independent rock band, and this is the quintessential indie-rock album. The playing is loose-limbed, the production laid-back and primitive, the lyrics quirky and playful, the melodies sweet and seductive. But the sound is as intense as the white noise of the Velvet Underground. Recorded on the super-cheap in Brooklyn and in their thirtysomething drummer's Stockton, California studio, Slanted and Enchanted is one of the most influential rock albums of the s; its fuzzy recording style can be heard in the music of Nirvana , Liz Phair , Beck , the Strokes and the White Stripes.

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Vampire Weekend came out of Columbia University in the late s, showing a pronounced affinity for boat shoes and button-downs as well as an intimate knowledge of African guitar music. Their debut backed up massive press buzz with suavely seductive pop-rock songs about college campuses and trysts with Benetton-wearing ladies. Ezra Koenig's Paul Simon -esque melodies were as refined as his education, floating over bright keyboards and Afropop-tinged grooves.

However you label the sound, it was manna for Brooklyn-y boys and Molly Ringwald girls all over the world and helped fuel a discovery of global sounds in indie-pop. The Notorious B. Bad Boy Biggie Smalls took all that gritty life experience and crammed it into Ready to Die , the best record by the greatest rapper who ever lived and hip-hop's finest debut by a stretch. Is there a more brilliantly icky — let alone unlikely hit-making — leadoff track in history than "Blister In The Sun"? A trio of Milwaukee nerds using little more than guitar, standup bass, and a snare drum, the Femmes did big-box string-band busker-pop years before Marcus Mumford was a rumble in his parents' pants.

And they did it with a wickedly tragic sense of humor. When Gordon Gano whines "Why can't I get just one fuck?! Unsurprisingly, it eventually went platinum. Elvis Costello Columbia Costello on the fuel for his debut: "I spent a lot of time with just a big jar of instant coffee and the first Clash album, listening to it over and over. The album's opening lines — "Now that your picture's in the paper being rhythmically admired" — and the poisoned-valentine ballad "Alison" established Costello as one of the sharpest, and nastiest, lyricists of his generation.

He pretty much reinvented the Dylan -esque singer-songwriter in his own nerd-avenger image. Joy Division Factory, Produced by Martin Hannett, who makes the band sound like they're performing in a meat cooler, it introduces Ian Curtis, who wails the Manchester existential blues with a despair so powerful, it somehow transcends hopelessness when he sings "I've got the spirit," on the amazing Arctic-chunnel of an album-opener "Disorder," it's as thrilling as it is blood-chilling.

A model for countless brooding rock bands to come.

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The result was hip-hop like no one had heard it before: riotous gospel "Jesus Walks" , wild boudoir music "Slow Jamz" , tear-jerking family drama "Family Business". It was a sound that combined, as Kanye put it, "a Benz and a backpack," fretting over materialism even as it reveled in it. All this, plus "Through the Wire," the greatest song ever rapped through a jaw that was wired shut.

Buck was a rock scholar who had worked in a record store; singer Michael Stipe unspooled his lyrics as if they constituted some new secret language. Murmur is full of ringing guitar and mystery. The lyrics and the melodies seem buried, almost subliminal, and even the songs with something approximating hooks, such as "Radio Free Europe" and "Sitting Still," resist clarity.

Murmur was a founding document of alternative rock, released just as Gen X was heading off to college. The Beatles Parlophone, No band has ever knocked out a debut so packed with straight-to-car-radio classics. The very idea that cool refinement and feathered-hair heartland appeal could exist together was minted here. Bands from Weezer to the Strokes to Fountains of Wayne are unthinkable without this album's example. Arcade Fire Merge Loss, love, forced coming-of-age and fragile generational hope: Arcade Fire's debut touched on all these themes as it defined the independent rock of the '00s.

The Montreal band made symphonic rock that truly rocked, using accordions and strings as central elements rather than merely as accessories, with a rhythm section that never let up. Songs like "Wake Up," "Neighborhood 1 Tunnels " and "Rebellion Lies " were simultaneously outsize and deeply personal, like the best pop.

It established Jay as one of his generation's premier rappers and includes the lyrically brilliant "22 Twos" and a filthy guest appearance from a sixteen-year-old Foxy Brown on "Ain't No Nigga. Not yet the bubbly-poppin' party man, the Jay-Z of Reasonable Doubt is a corner-boy inventing new levels of lyrical dexterity. Once it dropped, hip-hop's center of gravity had fully shifted from the West Coast back to the East.

After years of knocking around Ohio and England, writing record reviews and hanging with the Sex Pistols , Chrissie Hynde put together a band as tough as her attitude.

The biggest hit was "Brass in Pocket," a song of ambition and seduction. Hynde, however, wasn't so sure about the song's success. Most of the guitar was played by Mick Jones, because Strummer considered studio technique insufficiently punk. The American release was delayed two years and replaced some of the U.

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