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Writing poetry goes all in on technology with apps for tablets and smartphones that give poets all kinds of new-fangled tools, along with apps for old-school necessities like thesauruses and dictionaries. These apps are designed as tools to help you to bring your A-game to your writing. Get a little inspiration from The Bard, one of the greatest poets ever to write in the English language. Check out his sonnets for ideas, subjects, and interesting word choice. It's all here on this app, available on iTunes. A thesaurus is an old-school writing tool, but who doesn't need a reference to find the word with just the right nuance for what you are trying to express.

Especially poets, where economical writing is part of the deal. Another old-school idea: the dictionary. Just like its cousin the thesaurus, a dictionary for a writer is a lot like what they say about American Express: Don't leave home without it. After ending his journey due to the end of his contract with the Guido brothers, he returned to Paris and in , invited by Joan Sureda, he traveled to Mallorca and found quarters at the Carthusian monastery of Valldemosa, where many decades into the past figures such as Chopin and George Sand had resided.

It was in this island where Ruben began writing the novel El oro de Mallorca , which was a fictionalization of his autobiography. The deterioration of his mental health became accentuated, however, due to his alcoholism.

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In December he headed back to Barcelona, where he lodged at General Zelaya's house. In January he returned to Paris, where he entered a lengthy legal battle with the Guido brothers, who still owed him a large sum of money for the work he had done for them.

By the end of he returned to Nicaragua. He later resigned his diplomatic post and moved to Paris where he devoted himself to preparing new books, such as Canto a la Argentina. At this point, his alcoholism caused him frequent health problems and psychological crises. His health began deteriorating enormously in the last few years of his life.

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He reportedly suffered frequent hallucinations and became obsessed with the idea of death. The funeral lasted several days, and he was interred in the city's cathedral on February 13, , at the base of the statue of Saint Paul near the chancel under a lion made of marble by the sculptor Jorge Navas Cordonero. In the first place, the romantics , particularly Victor Hugo. The final defining element of Darianian aesthetic is his admiration towards the symbolists , especially Paul Verlaine. In the section "Palabras Liminares" of Prosas Profanas he had already written a paragraph that reveals the importance of French culture in the development of his literary work:.

The old Spaniard with a white beard points towards a series of illustrious portraits: "This one—he says—is the great Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra , one-handed genius; this one is Lope de Vega , this one is Garcilaso , this one Quintana. Then I say: " Shakespeare! Los raros is an illustrative volume regarding literary tastes, which he published on the same year as Prosas profanas , and dedicated to briefly glossing some of the writers and intellectuals towards whom he felt profound admiration.

The predominance of French culture is more than evident. Spanish themes are well represented in his work, already in Prosas profanas and, specially, after his second trip to Spain, in Conscious of contemporaneous Spanish decadence in politics and the arts a preoccupation he shared with the so-called Generation of '98 , he frequently was inspired by characters and elements of the past. Regarding authors in other languages, it is worth mentioning that he felt a profound admiration towards three writers from the United States: Ralph Waldo Emerson , Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitman.

He ushered Spanish-language poetry into the modern era by incorporating the aesthetic ideals and modern anxieties of Parnassiens and Symbolism , as Garcilaso had infused Castilian verse with Italianate forms and spirit in the 16th century, transforming it forever. Before Azul In the first of these works his readings of Spanish classics is patent, as is the stamp of Victor Hugo. The metric is classic [21] and the tone is predominantly romantic. Modernism's stage of plenitude and of the Darian poetry is marked by the book Prosas profanas y otros poemas , a collection of poems in which the presence of the erotic is more important, and which contains some esoteric themes such as in the poem "Coloquio de los centauros".

In , he published Cantos de vida y esperanza , which announces a more intimate and reflexive trend in his works, without renouncing to the themes that have become linked to the identity of Modernism. At the same time, civic poetry appears in his work, with poems like " A Roosevelt ", a trend that would be accentuated in El canto errante and in Canto a la Argentina y otros poemas English: Years ago, in Central America, in the city of San Salvador, and in the company of the poet Francisco Gavidia , my adolescent spirit had explored the immense promise of Victor Hugo and had contemplated his divine ocean where everything is contained He knows the poet's spineless character, and the state of apathy to which he is reduced under the influence of alcohol.

He informs his plan to his sister and she accepts. The poet, confused and scared, accepts. The poet has no idea about the 'yes' he has uttered. His senses are completely dulled, and when he wakes up the next morning and regains consciousness, he is in his conjugal bed with Rosario, under the same blanket. He does not protest or complain; but he realizes that he has been the victim of a perfidy, and that this event would go down as a burden of disgrace during his lifetime.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Nicaraguan poet. Oro de Mallorca. Archived from the original on 29 November Retrieved 20 July Archived from the original on 16 September The Nation. Retrieved 25 March Some of the metrical and rhyme schemes were of his own invention.

University of Texas Press. March Latin American Literary Review Press.

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April Acereda, Alberto and Rigoberto Guevara. Ramos, Julio John D. The Epic of Latin America.

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