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See a Problem?

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Ultimate Privacy: How to Disappear, Erase Digital Footprints & Vanish Without a Trace

Welcome to The Definitive Sankey. Four years ago we Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin embarked on a literary journey to describe the very best of Jay Sankey's enormous body of work. The idea was simple: if you eliminate the weak tricks from Jay's unparalleled o. From London to Los Angeles, people's jaws have literally dropped after witnessing him perform.

This is Etienne's second book, and follows on from the huge success of his first, La Magiedes Cartes. It contains more effects that. Deep Clear by Pa.. Razor Wallet by.. Hover Card Plus.. Choice Gimmicks.. Blindfoil by Pat.. Linking Laces by.. Marked Cards reviews. Psypher PRO by R.. Any Card Gimmic.. Bicycle Elite Ed.. Sweet Simplicity..

Venom Cube by He.. Mark Southworth'.. Dowsing Duplicat.. Sort order. Of course, by admitting on Goodreads that I read this book, I've ensured I'll never be able to take advantage of some of its lessons. View all 3 comments. Feb 14, Jen Ryland added it. Confession: I am completely obsessed with the show Hunted. It's a show in which teams of "fugitives" are sent on the run, and another team tracks them.

Yes, I know that it's staged to a large extent - the producers must be doling out clues etc. But the show also sets up a fascinating question -- if you suddenly had to go on the run and hide, could you figure out how to do it? Obviously I hope that for me the answer is "yes," which is why I watch the show and got this bo Confession: I am completely obsessed with the show Hunted. Obviously I hope that for me the answer is "yes," which is why I watch the show and got this book from the library.

How to Disappear got off to a slow start as the main author spends most of the time bragging about how he is a former skip tracer can charm information out of anyone on the phone. I was getting bored until there was finally some intriguing advice -- a description about how to set up a series of mailboxes to hide your whereabouts. You have to have four boxes: main drop, burn box, safe box, bluff box.

Vanish (book)

Don't quiz me on those. Eventually there was some good advice there! Read more of my reviews on YA Romantics or follow me on Bloglovin Considering this book was written just three years ago, I mistakenly assumed that it would focus on online privacy and falling off the virtual grid. Unfortunately the book is a guide and a bad one at that in my opinion on how to actually disappear from the real world.

The author might have been a prodigy in the mid 90s but would suck at hiding your identity today - hence I guess he writes books now.

Ahern sounds out of touch with the virtual world. He talks about Altavista - a very popular sea Considering this book was written just three years ago, I mistakenly assumed that it would focus on online privacy and falling off the virtual grid. He talks about Altavista - a very popular search engine in - which was sold to Yahoo in and had already lost its flair by than.

Nevertheless Ahearn tries to sound like a social media guru: there is this part where he creates 15 aliases, posts nice things about his own Facebook page from these 15 aliases and then suddenly the webpage becomes a hit. That clearly shows this guy has no idea how social media marketing works IMO. Furthermore there's some parts like: don't use Facebook to keep in touch with old friends, send a letter.

This statement pretty much explains the book. It really has some common sense ideas that anyone who would want to disappear would figure out by the end of the first day of planning. At some point he claims that if people can get into your house they can find all kinds of information that you have attached to your products warranty information etc. But what would be the point of finding my address if someone has already broken into my own home? Even the examples from his professional life were not fun at all.

Most of them sounded made-up.


Don't read this. Just Google some nice articles about people getting caught while trying to disappear and you will have much more fun and much more information at the end of the day. I can't remember where I found the pointer to this book. Or maybe I can, and I'm just giving you some disinformation in case you are compiling a dossier on my reading referrals. This book encourages the above sort of paranoia. It's an interesting and informative read but I think it's hampered somewhat by the authorial voice, which often veers into what sounds like textbook noir-detective-speak.

I get that a skip tracer needs to be hard-bitten and tough. Now, tell me what you came to say, I can't remember where I found the pointer to this book. Now, tell me what you came to say, without the grit in your teeth. There's much valuable information here, though, if you are willing to sort through the extra padding. It's amazing how much of what one thinks of as one's own personal data is in fact public and free for the harvesting. I don't have any immediate plans to disappear for some unmarked island in the tropics or do I?

Less a concrete how-to guide than a set of issues to think about for anyone who does want to pull the vanishing trick. Ahearn notes that, post, it has become harder and harder to disappear, and harder still to acquire a new identity, and he stays far away from telling a reader how to do anything that might be illegal.

Nonetheless, for all of us who dream of escaping into new lives, or who've ever thought about being a character in a thriller novel Oct 20, Jessica rated it really liked it. I gave it four stars because it gives such excellent information in a pretty straightforward way - I mean, if you want to disappear in an age where everybody can hack in and find your information online, this is the book for you.

Is it the best-written book? No - this guy is not an author by trade; he's a guy people hire to out dirt on other people. He's credible, but you flip a few pages because he is not a wordsmith. Dec 26, Bookjazzer rated it it was ok Shelves: Not what I expected. Written more for folks who really need to hide from stalkers or dangerous people.

There are a few tips for making identity theft more difficult. I read this book more for entertainment than actual action; I was curious about what the author would say one should do to "hide". I was also interested from the "making yourself a little less discoverable" point of view as it seems personal information is being sucked up by any and everyone. Well, the book was pretty good, an easy read and the author provides some interesting, and somewhat entertaining examples of good and bad. I think, if anyone is reading the book with the thought of really "d I read this book more for entertainment than actual action; I was curious about what the author would say one should do to "hide".

I think, if anyone is reading the book with the thought of really "disappearing" you're better off taking a couple breaths and asking a couple questions and you probably should go to the police or FBI I would look at the guys or stuff in this book as an option if you just can't rely on or utilize an avenue like that.

The author does a great job getting you to understand just how easy it is to find out information on people including you and within the first few chapters you'll be able to find more info online about yourself than you probably want out there. The author does give some tips to help keep that info to a minimum and have some of it removed.

Overall, I thought the book was entertaining and informative and will make me think about how much information I let flow out about me. It's one of those books you can easily read in a weekend, so, why not? Oct 29, Gina Grone rated it liked it. Wow, the author's writing style is Several times" -p. We enjoyed giving her jailbird the finger. Fuck him!

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It's pretty amazing how much informatio Wow, the author's writing style is It's pretty amazing how much information someone can get about you just by making phone calls and "pretexting" as he calls it. I have no plans to disappear and was just interested in what sort of information is out there about me and how to manage it. This book provided some good information from that perspective, but mostly spoke from the direct perspective of really trying to disappear, which was random and thought-provoking.

Aug 20, Meg rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction , in Great now I'm stressed out about how overwhelming it would be to disappear and how I can't ever actually do it because I checked this book out from my library like a chump. The book would've been better as a bulleted list. Good ideas for checking to make sure you have protected your online presence. Feb 19, Dbh rated it it was ok. Great title. Mostly about social engineering. Somewhat entertaining. As an author, I found this to be an invaluable guide to what it would take to disappear. As a reader, I just enjoyed the thrill of the idea, that one could start over with a new life and a fresh start.

With the right planning. All that said, his insight into this world is sharp and at times hilarious.

Private Investigator Explains How To 'Vanish Without A Trace' | Here & Now

I highly recommend this book for authors, for privacy enthusiasts, and for the chronically paranoid. Practical Pragmatic Disappearing Advice Personally disappearing is a complicated and risky venture. If your not a perfectionist and are not morally flexible disappearing completely may be next to impossible. With that said there are people that do it everyday, but it takes more work a lot more work then just being part of the system.

Simply, living a correct legal life is the easier option. In the event of an emergency using this book as a resource and practicing the methods will prove useful. I would recommend further reading from multiple sources and also practicing simulated stress drills to be successful. Jul 23, Janice rated it liked it. This was a fun and interesting book describing in simple and entertaining terms how to disappear. The tips on cyber security and how personal information can be found by anyone looking were enlightening to say the least.

Everyone leaves a trail and this book will tell you how to get rid of your footprints. It would be a handy reference as well for mystery writers. Dec 06, Rogue Reader rated it really liked it Shelves: roadtrip. Placed this on the Roadtrip shelf, not because I'm planning one but because this book is all about it, anonymously of course.

An interesting read with some good self-protection tips. The technology isn't too dated. Nov 22, Julian Stampfli rated it liked it. Interesting read but seems a bit outdated. May 29, Sherry rated it liked it. An interesting book. I learned a few things about protecting my identity. Jul 20, Andrei rated it it was amazing.

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  • Passed all my expectations. Mar 16, Sara Goldenberg rated it really liked it. I liked it very much. It was super interesting and very well done. Every so often I have to locate someone and these tips will come in handy! Dec 29, Sarah rated it really liked it. Fascinating, usable tips for going off the grid.