La vida es una maravillosa oportunidad de no ser un estúpido (Spanish Edition)

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When you're young, your mother tells you what time you have to be home; when you're grown up and married, your baby sitter tells you. Cuando su mente vaga, un cabeza loca nunca tiene que ir lejos. When her mind wanders, a scatterbrain never has far to go. When a man lives it up at night he usually has to live it down the morning. Cuando un hombre rompe una cita, es porque debe hacerlo; cuando una chica lo hace, es porque tiene dos.

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When a man breaks a date, he has to; when a girl does, she has two. When a middle-aged couple have to go somewhere, the woman's first thought is what to wear, and the man's is how to get out of it. Cuanto menos habla un hombre, menos debe disculparse. The less a man says, the more he doesn't have to apologize. Too many people hold the view that if they learn how, they will have to do it.

Coffee has to travel quite a distance to reach the United States, and much of it you meet is still weak from the trip. A candidate has to see both sides of an issue--otherwise, how is he going to get around it? El clima de algunos lugares es tan malo que sus habitantes deben mudarse a otros lugares.

The climate of some places is so bad that its inhabitants have to live elsewhere. Communism is a form of society where the less people have to eat, the more they have to swallow. A critic writes because he has to say something, not because he has something to say. A deadbeat doesn't have to build anything at all to have the world beat a path to his door. El publicista debe convencer al consumidor para que compre el producto antes de que se lo vendan.

The advertiser has to sell the consumer on the product before the shopkeeper can sell the product to the consumer. El secreto de vivir una vejez madura es muy simple: Todo lo que usted tiene que hacer es seguir viviendo. The secret of living to a ripe old age is very simple: all you have to do is to go on living. A bachelor has nobody to share his troubles with--but why should a bachelor have any troubles? The only person who has to wait a lifetime to reach his goal is the centenarian.

Eventually we all have to go to our everlasting rest, but some do it sooner by going into civil service. There's only one person who suffers more than a martyr, and that's the husband who has to listen to her. Adolescence is the time in life when a youngster is well informed about anything he doesn't have to study.

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Sex appeal is a matter of chemistry, but you don't have to be a chemist to find the formula. La chica que se casa con un hombre por su dinero a veces tiene que divorciarse para obtenerlo. The girl who marries a man for his money sometimes has to divorce him to get it. Free enterprise accounts for the millions of new cars being sold every year, but you also have to give the American public an enormous amount of credit. The woman who used to bake a dozen loaves of bread a week, now has a granddaughter who complains if she has to toast half a dozen slices.

Childhood is that wonderful time of life when all you have to do to lose weight is to take a bath. Advertising has so little to say about the world's most productive economy that it has to resort to singing commercials. Pity the poor barber who cuts hair all day, and then goes home and has to mow the lawn. Lo peor acerca de una dieta para bajar de peso es que tienes que abandonar los postres.

The worst thing about a reducing diet is that you have to desert desserts. Los conductores no tienen que darle un chance a los peatones porque toman riesgos cada vez que uno cruza la calle.

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Drivers don't have to give the pedestrian a chance because he takes one every time he crosses the street. Times change: today the successful executive has to be a man with an infinite capacity for taking planes. You don't have to lie awake nights to succeed--just stay awake days. No es necesario tomar un consejo de otra persona para hacerla sentirse bien--solamente tienes que pedirle un consejo. You don't have to take a person's advice to make him feel good--you merely have to ask him for advice.

There's nothing so baffling as child training: no sooner have you taught a child to talk than you have to teach him to keep quiet. You don't have to be conversant with a subject to be able to converse about it. You don't have to be a carpenter to know how to put a bottom on a chair. Another advantage of automation is that you don't have to contribute to an office collection when it's retired.

Para un autor, escribir es un placer, especialmente cuando no debe hacerlo. To an author, writing is a pleasure, especially when he doesn't have to do it. Quien evita las deudas no tiene que preocuparse por evitar a los acreedores. The man who avoids debt doesn't have to worry about avoiding creditors. Woman was created last so she wouldn't have to wait for someone to talk to. Se es joven solo una vez; luego de ello debes echar la culpa de tus errores a otra cosa.

You are only young once; after that you have to blame your mistakes on something else. If men should ever stop having faith in one another, we'll all have to start living within our incomes. If you wait a year before buying a bestseller, you won't have to.

If you give away your money to charity while you are alive, your relatives won't have to fight over it when you are dead. If a wife didn't run up bigger bills, what incentive would her husband have to achieve bigger things? A diplomat always has to watch his appease and accuse. Un hombre es tan bueno como debe ser; una mujer es tan mala como se atreve a serlo.

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A man is as good as he has to be; a woman is as bad as she dares. Un hombre puede hacer muchas cosas si tiene que hacerlas. A man can do a lot of things if he has to. A computer is a marvelous machine as quick as a wink without having to think or taking a drink. One of the greatest creations of the human mind is the art of reviewing books without having to read them. An apology is a lump in the throat caused by having to eat your own words. A do-it-yourselfer is another man who never has to be shown how to do a thing the wrong way. You spend half your spare time making a lawn grow so fast that you have to spend the other half cutting it down.

Usted tiene que vivir con una mujer para realmente entenderla mal. You have to live with a woman to really misunderstand her. Vive de manera que tus amigos puedan defenderte concienzudamentepero nunca tengan que hacerlo. So live that your friends can conscientiously defend youbut never have to. Thomas Beecham Why do we have to have all these third-rate foreign conductors around-when we have so many second-rate ones of our own?

Alexander Mille 'Have I the right to keep my faith,' said a student inquirer, 'at the price of my intellectual integrity? Frank Lloyd Wright Early in life, I had to choose between honest arrogance and hypocritical humility. I chose honest arrogance and have seen no occasion to change. Sometimes when you order coffee, half milk, you have to guess what the other half is. Anonymous Adam and Eve had an ideal marriage. He didn't have to hear all about the men she could've married, and she didn't have to hear all about the dishes his mother cooked.

Norman Cousins Fortunately or otherwise we live at a time when the average individual has to know several times as much in order to keep informed as he did only thirty or forty years ago. Finally, being 'educated' today, in terms of the larger needs, means preparation for world citizenship; in short, education for survival. Norman Cousins Algunos hombres son oyentes naturalmente buenos; Los otros se casan y tiene que serlo. Some men are naturally good listeners; others get married and have to be. Before publishers' blurbs were invented, authors had to make their reputations by writing.

Anonymous Even when opportunity knocks, a man still has to get up off his seat and open the door. Montaigne Even when a man occupies the most exalted throne, he still has to sit on his own behind. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Even a believer in nonviolence has to say between two combatants which is less bad or whose cause is just. Albert Schweitzer Every man has to seek in his own way to make his own self more noble and to realize his own true worth.

Count Maurice Maeterlinck Each man has to seek out his own special aptitude for a higher life in the midst of the humble and inevitable reality of daily existence. Than this, there can be no nobler aim in life. Every woman has to love something, even if it is only a man. En mi semana. Janis Joplin Fourteen heart attacks and he had to die in my week. In my week. Theodore Cuyler Speers How to forgive is something we have to learn, not as a duty or an obligation but as an experience akin to the experience of love; it must come into being spontaneously.

Don Marquis I believe that the millennium will get here some day, but I could compile quite a list of persons who will have to go first. Don Marquis Cuando debo halagar a un escritor, usualmente lo hago atacando a sus enemigos. Mencken When I have to praise a writer, I usually do it by attacking his enemies. Lichtenberg When he had to use his mind, he felt like a right-handed person who has to use his left. Walter Slezak You have to work years in hit shows to make people sick and tired of you, but you can accomplish this in a few weeks on television.

Anthony Tony Robbins I discovered a long time ago that if I helped people get what they wanted, I would always get what I wanted and I would never have to worry. Ursula K. Le Guin Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new. Le Guin El arte es sacar algo divertido del sexo sin tener que trabajar por ello.

Robert Frost Art is to get some fun out of sex without having to work for it. Husband-hunting is the only sport in which the animal that gets caught has to buy a license. Arthur Miller The car, the furniture, the wife, the children everything has to be disposable. Because you see the main thing today is shopping. Consumer credit is something the consumer has to go into debt to create.

Growing old has one advantage: you'll never have to do it over again. Will Cuppy The hippopotamus looks monogamous--he looks as if he would have to be. Robert Lee Frost Home is the place where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in.

Fred Allen The head of our advertising agency suffered from claustrophobia, so he had to stay out of Rhode Island. Fred Allen El marido que debe desayunar en el centro de la ciudad tiende a llegar tarde a cenar. Kin Hubbard The husband who has to get his breakfast downtown is liable to be late for dinner.

Herb Grosch Computing power increases as the square of the cost. If you want to do it twice as cheaply, you have to do it four times as slowly. Life insurance is the only game in which you have to die to win. Grant Clarke and Edgar Leslie He'd have to get under, get out and get under And fix up his automobile. En los buenos momentos las personas quieren anunciar; En los malos tiempos que tienen que hacerlo. Bruce Barton Good times, bad times, there will always be advertising. In good times people want to advertise; in bad times they have to.

Bruce Barton En ocasiones debes responder a una mujer de acuerdo con su feminidad, del mismo modo que debes responder a un tonto de acuerdo con sus disparates. Bernard Shaw You sometimes have to answer a woman according to her womanishness, just as you have to answer a fool according to his folly. It's better to have loved and lostyou don't have to attend PTA meetings. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill He is a modest little man who has a good deal to be modest about. Confucius Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Eugene McCarthy Being in politics is like being a football coach. You have to be smart enough to understand the game and dumb enough to think it's important. Eugene McCarthy Fui criado para sentir que hacer nada era un pecado. Tuve que aprender a no hacer nada. Jenny Joseph I was raised to feel that doing nothing was a sin. I had to learn to do nothing. Ralph Charell Do more than you have to do, more than your share, and do it as well as you can.

Se presentaron ejemplos de manera clara y aplicable a las situaciones de la vida real. He aprendido mucho y fue capaz de obtener todos mis post-curso respuestas de prueba correcta. Me parece que estoy reteniendo este material organizado muy bien. El curso fue muy interesante e informativo. Estoy muy satisfecho con este curso y fue muy , muy servicial. Agradeciendo a usted mucho. Gracias esto era muy servicial.

Muchas gracias. Gracias tan mucho. Se le recomienda a todos los que conocemos. Nos gusta mucho la idea de un presupuesto y utilizaremos esta y otras herramientas para realmente hacer una diferencia para nuestro futuro financiero. Hubo una gran cantidad de material de excelente cobertura. Gracias por crear un curso agradable y entretenido para lo que suele ser un tema muy aburrido usted. No me lo esperaba para aprender algo nuevo de este curso Gracias por una buena herramienta que puede utilizar para ayudar a asegurar mi seguridad financiera que usted.

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Muchos de los consejos de presupuestos eran aplicables a las personas que estaban empleadas y pagadas sobre una base semanal. Era una gran cantidad de material a cubrir. Gracias de nuevo. Este curso fue muy valiosa. Sin duda recomendamos este curso para ser ofrecido a los estudiantes de todo ALTA! Esto es algo bueno para todo el mundo a tomar. He aprendido mucho y voy a decirle a otros acerca de este programa. Interesante e informativo. Le doy las gracias a todos tanto para esta clase. He aprendido mucho.

Que Dios los bendiga a todos. Mantener el trabajo impresionante. Gracias por siempre con este curso como una herramienta para nosotros para gestionar mejor nuestras finanzas a medida que avanzamos usted. Agradezco este curso. Este curso ha sido de gran ayuda. Quiero decir gracias por todo Dios los bendiga. Me siento seguro ahora que voy a ser capaz de establecer metas y atenerse a ellos. Gracias por ofrecerlo usted. Gran campo. De hecho , yo no suelo hacer nada en absoluto! Al principio estaba molesto que tuve que tomar este curso como parte de mi proceso de quiebra.

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Gracias por su maravilloso curso. Me va a revisar este material nuevo. Nos quedamos muy impresionados con el contenido de este curso. Hola , estoy muy impresionado con el curso on- line! Muy impresionante! Creo que puedo mantener un buen presupuesto para el resto de mi vida y ayudar a los miembros de mi familia a hacer lo mismo.

Buen programa. Me gusta la idea de usar los ahorros y otras cuentas a agravar la cantidad de dinero que puede ahorrar. Debes terminar el curso. El plazo para el curso es fijado por la Oficina Ejecutiva de EE. You make decisions about money every day — some minor, some that will affect you for years.

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