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  1. THE EDWARDS FAMILY OF MORGAN HILL: Their lives in the Poconos in the 1930s and 1940s?
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  3. Transparency International is the global coalition against corruption. We are the EU office.;
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Ravinder Kapur. How to Create a Culture of Candor. The success of an organization is closely linked to the freedom that its employees have to express their views and ideas.

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A company which treats questions to senior management as insubordination is bound to create a culture of fear. If people Read more. Guide to Developing Your First Corporate Adam Colgate.

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  • Effectively Developing and Engaging Employees. Developing and engaging. The biggest underlying theme for engaging employees is not tracking their every move, or even their happiness, but to inspire them to do their job to the fullest extent and to do it well, and then enjoyment with their work If you're interested in working with us to improve transparency and accountability your defence organisation, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    UK Charity Number Toggle navigation. Report: Out of the Shadows: Promoting Openness and Accountability in the Global Defence Industry The global defence sector is both enormous and highly vulnerable to corruption. REPORT: Weaponising Transparency New report finds that unpublished defence budgets and arms procurements are still open to abuse by corrupt officials seeking to benefit from the conflict with Boko Haram and launder stolen money abroad. Global Standards for Responsible Defence Governance.

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    What we do. We fight defence corruption across three areas:. Edition 2, Photo by Khuong Bismuth, Introduction The lack of Corporate and Governmental transparency has been a topic of much controversy in recent years, yet our only tool for encouraging greater openness is the slow, tedious process of policy reform.

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    Presented in the form of a Soviet F1 Hand Grenade, the Transparency Grenade is an iconic cure for these frustrations, making the process of leaking information from closed meetings as easy as pulling a pin. Equipped with a tiny computer, microphone and powerful wireless antenna, the Transparency Grenade captures network traffic and audio at the site and securely and anonymously streams it to a dedicated server where it is mined for information.

    User names, hostnames, IP addresses, unencrypted email fragments, web pages, images and voice extracted from this data and then presented on an online, public map, shown at the location of the detonation.