Screwed at Sea

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Well, I was an experienced boiler operator now, so with chest suitably puffed out, I trotted over to the leak and hit the screw clamp. The fuel oil in the line right there is degrees F.

Sea of Love (Chopped & Screwed)

The spray hit me square in the face and instinctively my hands went to my eyes yet instantly back to the screw clamp and hit it shut hard. As was usual, I did not have a shirt on and was virtually black from head to foot.

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I was absolutely soaked in oil. After a few moments I got enough oil out of my eyes to be able to see through a slightly blurry film. The entire front face of the boiler was black, about 10 feet wide and 15 feet high, and because of the air blown by the ventilators, there was oil around the corner on the left side.

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Worst of all was the pool of oil that was sloshing around on the deck with the motion of the ship. I had just ruined the rest of my day off, and ruined the day off for several of my crewmates. Word was sent up to the living quarters and several guys came down to help me. The dungarees got a float test, 3 and a hot shower with lots and lots of soap got most of the oil off my body and out of my hair.

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I was then able to join in the cleanup efforts. The cleanup took several hours and it would have taken forever for me to do I by myself. I am very thankful and indebted to my shipmates who helped me that day. I feel your pain! Not really, kinda funny.

Screwed Plate Heat Exchanger

Screwed up myself and got handed the job of cleaning the after head on a Gearing after being in 30ft seas. Their findings were published in the journal Ecology and Evolution last month, and show that bears in Baffin Bay are becoming increasingly isolated from other populations, with shrinking home territories. The researchers found that summertime range area contracted by 70 percent between the s and s, and that in the s, bears were less likely to leave Baffin Bay.

Over the decades, their overall range shifted several degrees latitude northward even more so in the summer months , evidently following the northward-receding sea ice. The local bears also became more genetically differentiated from their neighbors—the result of less cross-breeding, in turn the result of sea ice corridors between populations vanishing earlier in the year.

This map shows where we’ve screwed the oceans most

Isolation increases the risk of local extinction, because without bears moving in and out of the area, population-level crises like inbreeding and disease become more prevalent. These multiple lines of evidence point to a population of apex predators being pushed into an untenable corner, potentially giving us a preview of what may befall polar bears in other Arctic regions as sea ice disintegrates.

Polar bears face hunger, exertion, shriveling hunting grounds, and more limited breeding opportunities. The A. Jake Buehler.

Screwed at Sea-Tac: Airport Drivers Say They're Not Even Making the Minimum Wage

Filed to: poster child for a reason Filed to: poster child for a reason poster child for a reason polar bears climate change arctic ecology wildlife conservation. Share This Story. Recommended Stories. The Gulf Stream current that many of us learned about as schoolchildren is a part of this larger circulation.

Jacquees Ft. Birdman - Lost At Sea (Chopped & Screwed)

By deducting sea surface temperatures from averaged land and sea temperatures, they figured out what temperature the current must have been, and based on that, determined its salinity and speed. Both current cooldowns happened shortly after large amounts of freshwater appeared in the North Atlantic.

This map shows where we’ve screwed the oceans most | Grist

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