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Lady Porn for the married moms though I think a guy would like these too. There was just enough story to keep you interested, and the characters were very likable. I never felt like I needed more story, it was just right. I look forward to reading Erika Wilde's next story and see what her spin-off series is all about. Sep 12, Krissy rated it it was amazing. Dean begins to take things to the next level in this one and as they start to explore the kinkier side of sex, even in a public setting the excitement level is increased.

While rediscovering one another and being open with their fantasies, we get to experience an erotic dinner and drive home and a steamy home office scene that gives a whole new outlook on what a necklace of pearls can be used for. When Dean has to go away on business, it was interesting to see how creative and uninhibited the couple has become, especially Jillian. This story is erotica and involves aspects of BDSM but it's not over the top. What the reader gets to experience is a happily married couple exploring their sexual needs and desires in a completely consensual, safe and loving environment.

Again I thought having the duel POV provided depth to the story and with each volume being novella size, it ensures a quick, fun and hot read. I'm enjoying watching the passion these two have for each other ignite and combust. Sep 18, Jane Barron rated it really liked it. In this one the begin to explore BDSM side of sex. Dean has been suppressing his Dom side for lots of years and has now got the go ahead from Jillian to explore this. There is quite a lot of hot sex and I felt that I was getting to know the couple a bit better and can still relate to them.

A really good read that I really enjoyed. This is a really short read but I am excited to move onto the next on immediately. I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Sep 01, Joan rated it it was amazing. These books are a whole lot of fun. This was even better than the first. What a sexy and fun story. These two are smokin hot together. The restaurant scene and unique use of pearls just show how creative you can get to spice things up. Loved the Skype.

This is one hot married couple. Sep 26, Crystal rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads , favorites. What I enjoyed about this series is that it based on a marriage couple that is trying to bring the spice back into the relationship since their kids are all grown up and out of the house. Jillian has always fantasized about here and Dean taking thing to the next level and when she reveal her fantasies things erupt and unravel quickly in the story. As a character Julian decided to seduces her husband in order to get him to play alon My Rant: The Marriage Diaries was tantalizing, Erotic and raunchy.

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As a character Julian decided to seduces her husband in order to get him to play along. She is not longer a vanilla girl and wants to explore other flavors in life. Wink Wink. What she is unaware of is that Dean has some fantasies of his own but he was always afraid of how Julian would take them. The characters loved each other deeply but the intimacy in these new endeavors help them to connect on a deeper level erotically.

Dean is an ex seal, so as you readers know he already has that dominant side to him and will Jillian begins to coax out his true nature she unlocks something in Dean and there is no locking up the sexual beast. Of course at this point who wants too. Dean is Hot. Super hot! He is all alpha male, although he may struggle to give up power a time or two you can resist his charms or sex appeal.

I ripped through these book so fast that i couldn't believe I got through them all in once sitting. Erika Wilde completely had me in a trance. Her writing style was smooth and the store just continue to flow with ease. As I was reading the story it felt like I was visual watching it because she gave you the complete blow by blow in details.

Her imaginations is vivid, so vivid your panting because you want some of what Juliann is getting. Erika Wilde is definitely going on my fav authors list and the marriage diaries will be a series that I would enjoy continuing. If you don't believe me just pick up the books yourself to see. As it stands now the first book is Free, that right free so go cop yourself a feel oops I mean book. This is my honest opinion about this book and I did not receive any monetary compensation for writing this review nor was I obligated to write a positive one. First off the price is right; each installment is 99 cents and well worth the price.

Secondly, this serial is about a committed long term couple rediscovering their sexuality now that their children are away from home. Personally, my husband and I are really enjoying reading these together; they spark a lot of ideas and some great conversations. He quickly got on board and in this book, we are beginning to see that Dean has obviously been holding back in their 20 year marriage and he shows Jillian exactly what it means to belong to him.

We also get a little hint about what the next installment will entail and I think Jillian might be somewhat taken by surprise when Dean unleashes that fantasy! These are short but well written and well thought out stories with so much steam they fog up the windows.

I love seeing this couple explore their desires with each other and letting us go along for the ride! This novella packs a big punch. From the opening line, my heart was racing. I thought I would have to go back to read the first novella, The Awakening, to boost my memory, but I did not need to after all. As I started reading, I immediately went back to the final scene of that novella. It's as if, I did not have to wait, for what seemed like forever, to get my hands on this one. I had to pace myself, and take a breather. If I was a smoker, I would definitely need a cigarette. About half way through, I had to write the author and let her know how much I loved The Seduction.

Oh to be in a relationship where you feel as safe as Dean and Jillian Noble. I can't wait to read the next installment, The Taking. That level of trust takes time to nurture, and I hope that one day, I will be able to find someone I love and trust as much. Denison takes spicing a relationship up to the next level. You can sense the love both characters feel for each other. And, you feel their desire. Denison's scenes are very vivid and descriptive; they sometimes leaped off the page.

At times, I felt like I was watching a scene in a movie or on television. Denison has some writing chops and her voice is absolutely amazing. These are just two of the reasons why I love her books. If you have not checked out this series yet, why not? Check them out.

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The Marriage Diaries Volumes are about a married couple after their kids are fully grown and out of the house. Reading erotic romance novellas in this stage of a marriage was extremely refreshing and sexy. I don't see too many of them out there and I really enjoyed this one! Jillian is a strong grown women and wants to spice up her love life and tempt her husband Dean into giving into both of their sexual desires not that both of their kids are grown and out of the house.

One day she works u The Marriage Diaries Volumes are about a married couple after their kids are fully grown and out of the house. One day she works up the courage to seduce him and get started on this exciting portion of their lives. All these stories were really well done, very entertaining, and sexy. Snag these up and favorite them! The 3rd book, The Taking has got to me my favorite. Not only was it scorching HOT it had a bit dangerous thrilling role play mixed it. I couldn't help it. I'd shake my husband awake and say things like.

At some point he gave up on the idea that I was going to let him sleep. I don't talk to or yell at book characters often but while reading 3 I couldn't help it. I can't wait for more. I loved watching a couple who have been happily married for 19 years start to explore their sexual fantasies together. Jillian totally surprises Dean by showing him she wants to spice up their love life and I loved watching them grow as a couple. It offers to have about seven days exposure at the top of selected category listing. An ad exposure is more than ten times for every viewer.

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