Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited

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Xenoglossy cases researched by Ian Stevenson, MD, where individuals can speak and understand a foreign language that was not learned by normal means, are also presented. These cases show that past life personalities are retained intact within the soul. Born Again is a reincarnation primer that sets the stage for additional cases presented on the www.

Walter Semkiw

Arthyr W. I am also pleased to relate that I have been elected to serve on the board of directors of the International Association of Regression Research and Therapies IARRT , which is made up of mental health professionals, including psychologists and social workers, who conduct past-life regressions.

Individuals interested in undergoing past-life regressions, in which memories of past lives can be potentially accessed through hypnotic techniques, may contact IARRT at www. I express my thanks to IARRT for their support and again, to all the people listed above for allowing their cases to be included in my book. In Return of the Revolutionaries , I will first present a series of independently researched cases, as outlined above, followed by a collection of cases derived from my own work.

In my series of cases, the vast majority of pastlife matches were established by my own efforts, through research that was conducted from to Logical associations led to the identification of many of these reincarnation cases. At other times, leads for case studies came to me though spontaneous intuitions or synchronistic events.

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In each of the case studies, I have recounted the means by which past-life matches were established. A problem that I encountered in my work was that I was not able to establish all the past-life matches that I wanted to by my own efforts. Typically, I would identify a karmic group in our contemporary era and was able to establish past-life matches for some, but not all, of the group members. This was dismaying to me, for to make past-life matches more credible, it was important to identify as many of the members of a contemporary karmic group as possible.

I was able to establish past-life matches for Marianne Williamson and John Hagelin on my own, but I was unable to come up with hypothesized matches for Mr. Walsch or Robert Roth. A new source of information regarding past-life connections emerged in October , when a working relationship was established with Kevin Ryerson. As mentioned above, Mr. Ryerson is a trance medium who channels spiritual guides, much like the medium that I had visited in Let us define a medium as someone who serves as an intermediary, a go-between, that connects two parties.

A trance medium is someone who goes into a meditative state or trance and allows a spirit to utilize his or her body to communicate with other human beings. Ryerson's work as a medium is featured in a number of Shirley MacLaine's books and he is also a long-term friend of the actress and author. I should mention that prior to meeting Mr.

Ryerson, I had experimented with a number of psychics during my years of reincarnation research, without finding anyone who could reliably identify past-life matches that met objective criteria. By objective criteria, I mean past-life matches in which consistent facial architecture, personality traits, writing style, and karmic groupings could be identified. In my work, these objective criteria came to be known as forensic criteria, or forensics for short. In sum, I encountered many psychics who claimed to be able to establish past-life matches.

Few psychics I encountered, though, could identify past-life matches that met the forensic criteria described above. Ryerson was different, in that a guide that he channeled, a spiritual being called Ahtun Re, reliably made past-life matches that met forensic criteria. By utilizing Ahtun Re, I was able to establish reincarnation cases that I was unable to solve on my own.

To appreciate Ahtun Re's abilities, the reader should review cases based on past-life matches that Ahtun Re revealed without any input or suggestion by me. Ahtun Re also provided the past-life match for Carl Sagan, though further work needs to be done on this case. I know that I can be criticized for using a spiritual source for a portion of my case material. I counter that view with the observation that Ahtun Re has demonstrated abilities validated by objective criteria.

Further, most of the matches that he has established involve prominent individuals, the majority of whom have agreed to be included in this book. Based on his track record, I have made it a point to confirm all the cases contained in this book with Ahtun Re. In truth, I believe that this relationship with Ahtun Re will serve as a model for future joint ventures, embarked upon by spiritual sources and human beings.

It is important to acknowledge that no source is percent accurate. As such, objective and scientific means must be used to validate information gathered from spiritual sources. It is my belief that in the future, by utilizing this type of combined approach involving both spirit and science, many mysteries of physics, medicine, psychology, religion, and spirituality will be solved.

In a cautionary note, I also know that by forwarding the principles of reincarnation contained in this book, many false past-life matches will be proposed in the future. It is not enough to conclude that a past-life match is valid based on physical appearance and an intuitive hit. I will later explain the phenomena of landmark associations and guidance incarnations, which lead psychics astray when hypothesizing past-life matches. Careful study of facial features, personality traits, interests, linguistic analysis of writing style, and karmic groupings must be analyzed before proposed matches can be taken seriously.

Even then, errors can be made, and it is important that a scientific assay, such as DNA fingerprinting or other technique, be developed to confirm hypothesized past-life matches. The question will be raised, if this book is about reincarnation, why is it entitled Return of the Revolutionaries? The reason for this title is that most of the people in my series of cases were incarnate during the time of the American Revolution. In my final analysis, the leaders of the American Revolution make up my karmic group. Souls who led the American Revolution are incarnate again today. Some, such as George W.

In total, I believe that these leaders of the American Revolutionary Era have returned with a group project of enacting a spiritual revolution. Some group members are more conscious of this plan than others. By spiritual revolution, I do not mean a literal revolt, but rather, a spiritual awakening. Part of this awakening involves the recognition that reincarnation is how the human soul evolves. Through Return of the Revolutionaries , the doctrine of reincarnation is being demonstrated.

I would now like to discuss some of the changes that I believe evidence of reincarnation will bring. One of the most beneficial and needed effects that an understanding of reincarnation will induce is a mitigation of violence between people belonging to different races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. This change is vitally needed, given events such as the destruction of the World Trade Center and the daily ration of violence and killing that we observe between people of contrasting cultures.

The evidence presented in this book shows that people change religious, ethnic, and racial affiliations from lifetime to lifetime. An example of how religion can change is seen in the case of writer Marianne Williamson, who is identified in a latter chapter as the reincarnation of Abigail Adams.

Abigail, as most American colonists from England, was Christian in religious orientation. Marianne Williamson, on the other hand, identifies herself as a Jewish woman. Once people realize that religious affiliation constitutes a temporary belief system, that one can be Christian in one lifetime and Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, or Buddhist in another, then conflicts based on these affiliations will be seen as self-defeating and absurd.

Indeed, we all must stop thinking of ourselves exclusively as Christians, Jews, Muslims, or Hindus, for in the span of lifetimes, we become all of these, and more. I believe that knowledge of the mechanism of reincarnation will help humanity evolve from a tribal mentality, in which we identify with one particular religious, ethnic, racial, or nationalistic group, to the stage of the Universal Human.

As a Universal Human, one understands and respects many cultures, but does not align one's self with any one denomination.

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The information provided in this book will provide a greater foundation for their ideas. I am thankful for their contributions. I am also happy that Marianne Williamson is part of the drama that is unfolding. For just as Abigail Adams was an eminent advocate for the cause of the American Revolution, I can think of no better spokesperson for the new reality, the new values and the new set of ideals that will emerge. A revolution of spirit will occur as we make the transition from a tribal mentality, from the tribal human, to the Universal Human.

This revolution is necessary for the human species to survive. As we move from tribal human to Universal Human, racism and religious prejudice will come to an end. Nationalism and ethnic pride will also be put in perspective, as we realize that we can be born in different countries and to parents of various ethnic backgrounds from one lifetime to another. When people realize that one can be white in one lifetime and black or Asian in another, racial prejudices will also dissolve.

Diverse religions will adopt a more universal set of teachings, as spirituality becomes more scientific in nature, based on observation and objective data. Indeed, spirituality will inevitably move from the domain of belief to the realm of science. Religious organizations will still remain important, as we need places to congregate and worship God collectively. Religions, though, will not maintain that their practices are superior to those of other spiritual systems. This will be based not only on a more scientific approach to spirituality, but on the knowledge that religious affiliation can change from lifetime to lifetime.

Accordingly, religious wars will eventually become a thing of the past. Just as collective conflicts and wars will be diminished, individual violent behavior and crime will be curtailed. This premise is based on two principles. One is that people will understand karma as a reality. We will know that what we do to others will return to us in time.

This will create a change in behavior in those who have been atheists, as well as those who belong to organized religions. Currently, religious doctrines teach that wrong action can be absolved or forgiven by one's particular religious authorities and one's particular God.

This reduces the motivation to behave in a proper manner. Evidence of reincarnation will bring the realization that we are responsible for our actions and that in a subsequent lifetime, we will be subject to the same actions that we create in this lifetime. If we scorn someone in this lifetime, we will be the object of scorn in another. If we kill someone in another lifetime, we will have to experience the suffering that our action caused. If we express tolerance and compassion, these things will come back to us too.

With this understanding, every action that has the potential to harm others will be more carefully weighed. A second reason why violence will be curtailed is that people will realize that they can bring with them, in future lifetimes, knowledge and skills earned in this lifetime. This is especially important for those born into poverty or other disadvantage. For those born with little, for those who feel shortchanged in life, crime may seem like the only way out.

This is particularly true in American culture, where materialism runs rampant, and the discrepancy between those who have and those who have not is greater than ever. Given a situation of inequity, those who perpetrate crimes may see their actions as retribution for being placed in unfair circumstances and as a remedy for hopelessness.

Evidence presented in this book shows that from lifetime to lifetime, we pick up where we have left off, that we bring with us skills and abilities that we have earned in previous lifetimes. We will see that individuals can return to life to complete a job or to bring to fruition a goal which was initiated in a prior lifetime. This can bring hope to those caught in unfortunate circumstances. Someone who finds opportunities blocked in this lifetime can plan and invest for a subsequent lifetime.

One can begin studying, learning, and practicing in this incarnation in preparation for the next. For example, if you want to become a great musician, then put that desire into practice today. In a future incarnation, you will be able to bring forth talent earned in the past. If you want to be wealthy, study finance and investment today, and you will bring business acumen with you in another lifetime. If you want to understand the mysteries of existence, study religion, cosmologies and meditation today, so that you can become a spiritual teacher on another morrow.

Knowing that effort expended in this lifetime will be rewarded in another will bring hope to those in despair. This knowledge, in conjunction with an understanding of karma, will make people realize that crime, though it may bring spoils and satisfaction in the short run, is self-defeating in the end. Combating world hunger and poverty will become a more pressing concern for each individual on the planet. This will occur as a result of two realizations.

First, we will comprehend that we return to a world we helped create.

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We are responsible for the conditions that we will live under in future incarnations. From the point of view of self-interest, the knowledge that we may be reborn someday in an impoverished land will motivate those in developed countries to share resources with poorer countries. Citizens of developed countries will feel a greater need to help poor nations in implementing infrastructure and economic policies that will ensure that basic needs of the population are met.

Our attitudes towards Third World debt will change, as we become more concerned about the plight of the poor. Second, from a spiritual perspective, people will realize that the amount in one's bank account at the time of death means nothing in the eyes of God. Rather, good karma is based on what we have done during our lifetime to help our fellow man. With a better understanding of karma, the rich will care more about alleviating the suffering of those who have not.

Collectively, we will invest more of our time, energy, money, and creativity on devising ways to make the world a better place for those born in unfortunate circumstances. We will be less motivated to put our resources in bigger houses, fancier cars, jewelry and trinkets, sports teams, and violent games. Instead, we will have a desire to improve conditions of life for the collective. Knowledge of reincarnation will change what we value, and a desire will emerge to pursue those things that count from a spiritual point of view.

Protecting the environment will become a more pressing concern as people realize that they will have to return to planet Earth, our terrestrial home, many times in the future. People will realize that in subsequent lifetimes, they themselves will have to deal with environmental problems created today. Profit will no longer take precedence over protecting the environment, for people will realize that everything they do is taken into account and that crimes against Earth have a karmic toll, too.

Relationships between family members, friends, and even foes, will be enhanced, as people realize that we return to Earth in groups with those we have known before. Those with whom we have conflicts in one lifetime we will meet again in another. The bitterest enemy may come back as a family member or coworker, so that we may have another opportunity to truly know the other person and have a chance for resolution of conflicts to occur.

As such, a greater effort will be made to understand one another in our present incarnations. We will learn to have tolerance for those with opposing views and differing values in life. Loving relationships will be recognized as a more precious commodity than money or gold. Homosexuals and those who have gender issues will be understood in a new way. Reincarnation research shows that in 80 to 90 ninety percent of cases, people return to life as the same gender as before. In 10 to 20 percent of cases, people switch gender; men become women and women become men.

It appears that we, as spirits, have a preferred gender, which may reflect an innate male or female energy that characterizes our souls. Souls with a great deal of masculine energy seem to prefer to incarnate in male bodies, while souls who are innately more feminine prefer female bodies.

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If a soul that is strongly feminine incarnates into a male body, that person may still feel female and be attracted to males, thus adopting a gay lifestyle. This is perhaps why gay men seem to have such feminine qualities. A soul that is strongly masculine and is born in a female body may still feel drawn to women, and thus assume a lesbian way of life. Homosexuality may also result from the situation in which two souls, who have been a heterosexual couple in many prior lifetimes, incarnate in a particular era with bodies of the same gender. If these two souls are drawn to each other due to a deep and ancient love and they are of the same gender, a homosexual relationship may result as a means to fulfill that relationship.

Often, relationships are ordained by karma and they may be destined to last for only a specified period of time. A homosexual relationship may occur and then end, allowing each person to pursue other relationships. Future relationships, which may also be determined by karma from prior lifetimes, may involve people of the opposite gender.

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