Dépasser le capitalisme (French Edition)

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The Maya of Morganton. Work and Community in the Nuevo New South. Winner of the Thomas Wolfe Literary Award. Chapel Hill, N. C: University of North Carolina Press, The Long Gilded Age. Sweatshops at Sea. Progressive Intellectuals and the Dilemmas of Democratic Commitment. In Search of the Working Class. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, Zur Rekonstruktion historischer Erfahrungen und Lebensweisen. Frankfurt: Campus. Herrschaft als soziale Praxis. Historische und sozial-anthropologische Studien. Fabrikalltag, Arbeitererfahrungen und Politik vom Kaiserreich bis in den Faschismus.

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intervenir politiquement dans la théorie, intervenir théoriquement dans la politique

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Le capitalisme expliqué par Albert Einstein

J: Transaction Publishers. In Churches and Charity in the Immigrant City. Mahler, — J: Rutgers University Press. In Cuba.

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People, Culture, History , edited by Alan West. Scribner World Scholar Series. Hansing, Katrin, and Maxim Matusevich, ed. Socialist Migrations during the Cold War. New York, NY: Palgrave. Hansing, Katrin, and Manuel Orozco. Palabra Nueva 20 Kumar, Aishwary.

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The Lies of Manu. The Monthly Symposium , no. Cosmic Love and Human Apathy. Noida: HarperCollins Publishers India. Bernet, Brigitta. Sprachliche Vergesellschaftung um Gender, Literatur, Kultur , 1: 47— Der Fall des psychiatrischen Formulars. Wissensproduktion und Patientenerfahrung in Medizin und Psychiatrie des It might be political! An analysis of modern political arrangements that views the state as acting in its own interest contrary to the interests of individuals and even of an entire society.

The text traces the logical and historical progression of the state from a modest-sized protector of life and property through its development into what the author believes to be an "agile seducer of democratic majorities" and "the welfare-dispensing drudge that it is today". Anthony de Jasay's work has been enormously influential, describing both a theoretical philosophical model for a stateless, liberal, free market order and offering analysis of and solutions to many of the technical economic problems associated with such a vision of society - most notably his work on the free rider and his return.

In this book, ten significant scholars in philosophy and political economy, including Nobel laureate in economics James Buchanan, pay tribute to the man and his work in a series of essays at once both respectful and critical. Which are the basic libertarian principles and how do rights and liberties relate to each other? Is order possible and durable in an anarchic or quasi-anarchic society, and if so, under which preconditions? How and to what extent are the pillars of politics, such as the constitution, institutions and government, detrimental or beneficial to an enduring free society?

While Narveson, Palmer and Bouillon focus on the first of these questions, the late Radnitzky and van Dun address the second. Benson, Holcombe and Kliemt provide answers to question number three, while Buchanan and Little highlight the role of Anthony de Jasay in this debate and the inspiration that his thinking has given to the authors of this volume.

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Government depends on collective decision making. Even in peaceful democracies, some decide for all. Challenging the morality of this position, this text argues that it is not different political systems that are at fault so much as the very nature of politics itself. This text pulls together de Jasay's key work in this area over the last ten years. In the first section of the book de Jasay attacks contractarian thought and the very notion of the legitimacy of politics.

In the final section he outlines an alternative vision, a form of ordered anarchy based on social virtues, achievements and institutions which exist prior to government and which are not contingent on political arrangements. The book provides an insight into a radical form of libertarianism which renders even the most minimal form of state redundant. This book provides a novel account of the public goods dilemma. The author shows how the social contract, in its quest for fairness, actually helps to breed the parasitic 'free riding' it is meant to suppress.

He also shows how, in the absence of taxation, many public goods would be provided by spontaneous group co-operation. This would, however, imply some degree of free riding.

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Unwilling to tolerate such unfairness, co-operating groups would eventually drift from voluntary to compulsory solutions, heedless of the fact that this must bring back free riding with a vengeance. The author argues that the perverse incentives created by the attempt to render public provision assured and fair are a principal cause of the poor functioning of organised society. Rothbard, Journal of Economic Literature. Pourquoi, dans les pires moments, entend-on ce nom, sans visage et sans origine?

Money as a social relation beyond the state A contribution to the institutionalist approach based on the Argentinian trueque more. This paper provides a contribution to the institutionalist approach to money through ethnographic research carried out in two local currency systems in Argentina known as trueque. It argues that Argentinian local currencies must be Money is said to be an ambivalent social relation because in the two cases studied it mediates very different dynamics, exacerbating inequality in one context and promoting collective emancipation in another.

In both Rosario and Poriajhu, the political community is defined by a set of values that legitimizes ongoing monetary practices and institutions rather the State's coercion. La financiarisation par les marges en Argentine more. Les questions de la dette et du developpement , Financiarisation , and Dette.

Gender and Money in the Argentinian Trueque more.

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Keith Hart. Moneda social y mercados solidarios - La moneda social como lazo social more. Publication Date: Publication Name: Karthala. View on karthala.

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Hillenkamp et J-M. Genre , Argentina , Monnaies , and Trueque. Towards a neo-polanyian approach to money: integrating the concept of debt more. His best-known writing on money uses is deeply original and presents strong insights that dissociate money from the concept of the market. Polanyi also developed an Polanyi also developed an interesting non-dichotomous understanding of money in his Great Transformation []. Keywords: Karl Polanyi, theories of money, debt, money plurality, economic anthropology, John Commons.