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If each person was in charge of only a small part of the bomb, then none of them had built the bomb. Group decision-making is another way to diffuse responsibility. If a hundred people loot the store, no individual is fully responsible for the cumulative destruction brought about by the looting. After all, I only took one TV. Disregard of consequences.

Moral control may be weakened when the effects of immoral actions are disregarded or distorted. According to Bandura, this mechanism may operate on two levels. A political science professor of mine once noted how one sure sign that a politician is preparing to run for president is that their hair begins to look great on TV.

In a different but similar way, one sure sign that we are preparing to do harm to another group is that we begin to paint them as less than fully human.

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Not only are they "not us," but they are also "not like us. Once dehumanized, they are no longer viewed as persons with feelings, hopes and concerns but as subhuman objects They are portrayed as mindless "savages," "gooks," and the other despicable wretches. Bandura notes that victim-blaming abuse is more psychologically harmful than acknowledged cruelty.

But when victims are convincingly blamed for their plight, they may eventually come to believe the degrading characterizations of themselves. According to Bandura, decent people do not morph into agents of inhumanity overnight, but gradually. Rather, the change is achieved by gradual disengagement of self-censure. People may not even recognize the changes they are undergoing. Initially, they perform milder aggressive acts they can tolerate with some discomfort. After their self-reproof has been diminished through repeated enactments, the level of ruthlessness increases, until eventually acts originally regarded as abhorrent can be performed with little personal anguish or self-censure.

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Inhumane practices become thoughtlessly routinized. Bandura has identified several conditions under which such shifts into immorality are more likely to happen. First, ideology is more dangerous than whim in the context. Second, systems that lean autocratic are more likely to move toward immorality than those that lean democratic.

Political diversity and institutional protection of dissent allow challenges to suspect moral appeals. Third, access to information, and public attitudes about information, play an important role in whether or not systemic social pressures toward immoral conduct are successful. Healthy skepticism toward moral pretensions put a further check on the misuse of morality for inhumane purposes.

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I have seen the harm done by the core Christian doctrine "love the sinner and hate the sin" here in Ireland. It made Catholics and Protestants feel righteous and justified in the murderous hatred each side had for the other. That doctrine is so dangerous for it is reinforced by being an alleged command from God who knows better than us and also by how Christian faith condemns sins severely such as sex outside marriage that are not really that bad. The victim blaming can take the form of holding that a person who dies after having committed masturbation or some minor "sin" has asked for the sentence of eternal damnation.

I don't think there is good and bad in the world anymore, just people who started out "good" but developed mental illness along the way. No one in their right mind would cause harm to others, and why is it that everyone, including deeply religious people, has forgotten the golden rule! I find commandments condescending because who would EVER think of killing someone in their right mind!!

Dirty cash: Can the EU clean up its money-laundering problem?

One small point. Ladies love "bad hombres.

Even the most horrific atrocities imaginable are justified by their perpetrators just as you describe. Just as in Germany in the s. Noam Shpancer, Ph. A gender-segregated caregiving profession is not optimal for children.

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Question: Is daycare good or bad? The concept of therapy boundaries is both slippery and essential. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help.

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