A Gathering of Crows

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Better than the second, almost as good as the first. This one didn't have LeHorn's Hollow, but takes place in another small town with the same of one of the thirteen entities Or his revenants in this case.

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The action starts right away without mystery, and the five villains are beyond wicked in their creepiness. A flock of crows is called a murder Plenty of death and eerie moments, a supernatural and creative battle, some characters who comes alive i Better than the second, almost as good as the first. Plenty of death and eerie moments, a supernatural and creative battle, some characters who comes alive in different ways love the Spiderman bedroom slippers, come on, who wouldn't.

Creepy and atmospheric, Levi grew on me more as a battle-weary soldier of the Lord who dabbles in all sorts of magic and still has a lot of secrets up his sleeve. Truly Outstanding!! Review soonest. Jun 20, Rebecca McNutt rated it liked it Shelves: adventure , fantasy , rural-farm-country-life , mystery , horror , fiction. A Gathering of Crows was a really interesting story, but the writing was choppy and various scenes were dragged out unnecessarily. The town of Brinkley Springs is about to become a hunting ground. Five otherworldly beasts descend upon the populace, their hunger for death and destruction insatiable.

Levi Stoltzfus finds himself amongst those in danger, yet he proves anything but helpless. Along with some unexpected allies, magus Levi must discover the identity of the ravaging monsters, and figure out a way to stop them. To show support for the author Brian Keene, of whom suffered The town of Brinkley Springs is about to become a hunting ground. To show support for the author Brian Keene, of whom suffered an accident and has subsequent insurance issues, Horror Aficionados selected this title for the monthly group listen in July.

As for the audiobook in general, well, I was at first put off by the narrator, Chet Williamson. I also found it difficult to distinguish between characters at times, especially when it came to the male personalities. Of course, there are running themes throughout, but Keene always seemed willing to share lengthy, yet relevant information and pieces of history.

The story begun as rather slow, with the repetition of certain details. It became apparent that most of the beginning was comprised of useless, and not very interesting, elements of people's lives. They did little to connect me to the residents, as soon enough they would fall victim to the monsters. What I wanted was to get familiar with the man himself, but Levi's appearance took time to come about, and when it did, it usually wasn't for long.

The further the plot progressed, the more I came to enjoy it. Levi's presence eventually became the main focal point; his investigation of the horrific occurrences afflicting the town improved my overall feeling of the book. There was a tremendous amount of death, and it, in all its graphic glory, had very little in terms of limits. Children, animals, the elderly, all were fair game and sought out like animals. Whilst the aftermath was largely centred upon - the state of the bodies after the initial murder, there were a few scenes that depicted the actual killing.

It was brutal, and I do favour brutality. I can't say I became attached to anyone but Levi, and even then I believe that to be able to fully appreciate him I'd have to delve further into the series; from what I could gather, his history was certainly intriguing. As for the others, well, there was a romance I didn't care about, and the surviving group in general didn't strike me as anything special.

The villains, whilst amusing with their shape-shifting shenanigans, were awfully single minded and thus had little depth. I suppose that was the point; they were minions, set upon one specific goal. My interest soared to new heights when the mythology of The Thirteen came into play. To be honest, it was the best thing about the entire novel; the snippets of information relating to these nefarious entities. Due to my fascination, it was therefore a real treat when Levi transported himself to another realm right at the end. I actually couldn't get enough of it.

In conclusion: It was a very weak beginning, but it improved, and by the end I was well and truly drawn into Keene's Labyrinth Mythos. There's no doubt that I'll be seeking out more of his work. Notable Quote: Brinkley Springs may have been dying, but it doesn't deserve to be murdered. Jan 27, Eden rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-own , reviewed , horror , signed-by-the-author. Brinkley Springs is a quiet little town that some say is dying. And they are about to find out they are right.

Five strangers are about to pay Brinkley Springs a visit and they only emerge from the darkness to kill. Only one person can stop them and that is Levi Stoltzfus. This is the third book in the Levi Stoltzfus series. I read the first two books, Dark Hollow and Ghost Walk quite a while ago.

I loved both of those books and they are a few of my favorites by Brian Keene. There are existing conne Brinkley Springs is a quiet little town that some say is dying. There are existing connections to other Brian Keene books in this one, including some of the mythology of The Thirteen. I like Dark Hollow and Ghost Walk better because I felt more of a connection to the main characters in those books more so than this one.

That's not to say I didn't like the main characters in this one; I did. But, I feel the characters in the two previous books were more developed. Levi, however, is the exception and I think he was further developed quite well in this book. I would say my favorite character is Levi, he's very interesting and I liked learning more about his past. Overall, I did like this book and I'm looking forward to starting the next book in the Levi series. Dec 23, Nick Lucky rated it it was ok. I'm conflicted with this one. On the positive, I love Levi Stoltzfus.

Every scene with him in thoroughly enjoyed. Also the mythos of the Thirteen was incredibly enjoyable. However, for me, this was overall not Keene's best. For me it spent too much time on characters I didn't care about, and WAY too much time cutting away to violent death scenes of people we had no investment in whatsoever. It got a little repetitive for me in the middle. But once I got to the last quarter where Levi got more scr I'm conflicted with this one. Oct 22, Joshtafari rated it it was ok Shelves: tbb Not a bad setup for a horror book, and I like Keene's portrayal of small town Appalachia.

Meet a Mega-Murder of birds: loud, massive flocks of American crows

The metaphor he presents of small town America dying out is possibly a little ham-handed, but apt. This is the second book featuring lapsed Amish and powwow magus Levi. Levi seems to be there to provide lengthy info dumps on Keene's Labyrinth mythos, a lot of which is a repeat from the last book Levi was in, Ghost Walk. I like the idea of a mythos tying all of his books together, but it would be better in s Not a bad setup for a horror book, and I like Keene's portrayal of small town Appalachia.

I like the idea of a mythos tying all of his books together, but it would be better in spoonfuls and not the 64 oz Big Gulp. Overall not bad, but not good either. Jan 14, Kimberly rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-in This book was epic in my view. I was totally swept up into the story. I have read the previous books with Levi the Amish man who isn't Amish, go figure. I really love his strong and intelligent character. This book had one of the best endings in a horror book Ive read recently. Could have been a movie, it was so well written, so exciting. I couldn't read fast enough Mr.

Brian Keene! Jun 29, Ms. Nikki rated it it was ok Shelves: horror-extreme-horror , own-it-pb-or-hc. I really didn't get interested in this book until the halfway point. The first half was the introduction to numerous characters who may or may not make it through to the end of the book. The play of these character and the traveling man, Levi, was reminiscent of a King novel and not in a good way. For me this was just an "Okay" read. Jul 25, RJ Roles rated it it was amazing Shelves: books. Holy Moly. Nov 05, Lisa Lee rated it it was amazing.

Levi Lives! I had the honor of meeting Brian Keene at Killercon , where I purchased this book after fangirling like a moron.

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The story behind my discovery of this book and the message with the autograph is hilarious and embarrassing and is in a different post here. But, Levi Lives! And that is exciting. The Levi Stoltzfus stories are creative and dark and creepy and so much fun to read. A Gatheri Levi Lives! A Gathering of Crows is no exception. The story begins strong as Keene introduces the reader to the ominous evil as well as the town in the first chapter. The story builds upon itself from there, flowing from the pages with suspense and terror to batter the mind and senses.

Keene combines real world histories and legends with realistic characters to bring the horrors to vivid life. Keene is at his finest in this well-written, engrossing tale, bringing the story to life with masterful execution as only he can. A Gathering of Crows is suspenseful, compelling, blatant, and downright frightening. It is the full horror entertainment package.

While reading the previous Levi stories is not necessary to the enjoyment of this one, I recommend it. But make your own choice. Once you read this one, you will want to read the others. Reviewer Notation: This is not mainstream. Some of the content is explicit and the subject matter is truly frightening. Feb 15, Patrick rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed.

The Gathering of the crows

After a month of reading self-help books non-stop, I decided it was time for a quick break and return to one of my old passions: horror. My self-help streak broke last year thanks to the amazing Paperbacks From Hell which re-ignited my love for horror novels, especially the pulpy and obscure ones though, admittedly, a lot of them might be best forgotten.

I'm very far behind. Imagine my excitement when I co After a month of reading self-help books non-stop, I decided it was time for a quick break and return to one of my old passions: horror. Imagine my excitement when I could read A Gathering of Crows. I honestly don't remember how I discovered the book probably a "Readers Also Enjoyed" tab , but it's been on my to-read list since It's also apparently the third book in a series, but you don't need to read the others to understand this one.

A Gathering of Crows starts its story off with a bang. A group of five crows also called a murder, which I'm sure was intentional that can transform into human-like figures come to a small town in the middle of nowhere. They knock down a power line and do something which renders all technology useless. It's a good start, but the story quickly becomes redundant. The next pages consist of the five figures killing random citizens, some of which are in rather garish methods.

The author gives us some backstory on each random character a few pages before they meet their demise. We get to read all about what's on their iPod or how their relationship is going. While I'm not one to dismiss good world-building, it feels really pointless to introduce them only to kill them off a little later. There's one semi-touching scene where a gay character thanks his killer because he's in a shitty relationship thanks to homophobia or something. Every other stock character felt generic and unnecessary. There's only one main character worth knowing: the protagonist, Levi Stoltzfus, who is some sort of Amish magus.

He's not a particularly interesting person outside of his wide breadth of knowledge about mythology. The villains, who would ideally be the most interesting part of the book, are very disappointing. They're five shadowy humanoid shapeshifters who wear hats, grow talons, and feast on the souls of their victims. It sounds fascinating enough, but these monsters end up being really lame. There's no distinguishing between the five of them, especially since none of them have any worthwhile personalities outside of being evil. Just read some of their dialogue: "What do you want?

They taste better when you're scared. As a reward, I shall make your death quick and painless. Levi knows some spells, but we never get a good idea of what the universe's magic system is. There are only two or three scenes with magic and none of them are exciting. The horror genre, for both books and movies, seems to suffer a lot from over-saturated.

Too many half-rate and generic works flood the market. Nearly every offer sounds fascinating, but most potential hidden gems end up falling flat. I'm sure this applies to other genres, but horror seems to suffer the most. A Gathering of Crows is, unfortunately, one of those subpar offerings that will likely remain hidden for a reason.

The prose is great and the story is fast-paced, but those aren't enough to redeem it from a lackluster story and lack of suspense. This is my third Keene book, but the first one I've read in the Levi Stoltzfus series. While I know lots of Brian's fans love the character, unfortunately, he didn't resonate so well with me, neither did the book as a whole.

Keene's book has plenty of action and interesting characters, but I found his mythology in this one a bit too broad. He mixes the Lovecraftian mythos with Christian beliefs, paganism, wiccan elements and some American historical mysteries for good measure. I can suspend disb This is my third Keene book, but the first one I've read in the Levi Stoltzfus series. I can suspend disbelief and buy into any and all of these things, but combining them into one story felt disjointed and kept pulling me out of the narrative. My other problem with this was the narrator.

He had great pace and clarity, but his female characters all sounded like children, and Levi's Amish accent 'disappeared' a few times during some of his longer speeches. I've enjoyed Keene's books on the past and will continue to read them, but I don't think I'll read another in the Levi Stoltzfus series. Jul 31, Scott Johnson rated it really liked it. Originally posted at Dread Central. Brian Keene has been called a lot of things. From a virtuoso writer to the next Stephen King, the man's stories keep the majority of people shivering in their seats.

His latest offering, A Gathering of Crows, is no exception. The story begins in a quiet little one-road town out in the country, when five crows land and transform into murderous men in black. From there, readers are treated to one horrific death after another, narrated with reptilian glee with ever Originally posted at Dread Central. From there, readers are treated to one horrific death after another, narrated with reptilian glee with every drop of blood.

Arriving on the scene is Levi, a former Mennonite whose faith now leans toward more of the occult and mystical energies, though he still looks Amish and drives a buggy. It is Levi's task, charged by God, to stop the crows before everyone in the town is reduced to ash. A Gathering of Crows is full of Keene's signature grotesqueries, from the exaggerated forms of the crows to the horrific ways in which people die. Not a single person, animal, or age group is exempt from his ghoulish rampage, which is part of what makes this book work so well.

Because no one is safe, Keene is able to throw the reader off balance, and gives the reader a real sense that if even the children aren't safe, the reader isn't either. It's a tough trick to pull off, but one Keene handles with a deft hand. Character-wise, the wash of characters are well developed for the most part. Even the tertiary characters, who exist for the sole purpose of being mutilated in a couple of pages, have a backstory and their own little quirks. However, a few of the secondary characters, who figure more prominently to the story, come off as flat. It might be because the main character, Levi, appeared in two previous books, but there are several places where the reader is left wondering why he does what he does, and where he came from.

We get that he's on a mission from God and that he has arcane abilities, but much of what he does is without explanation or emotional content. On the other hand, the character of Donny, an Iraq war vet who has come home just long enough to bury his mother, is a wonderfully drawn character, full of uncertainty and angst. If you've never read a Keene novel, this one is a good place to start. Less brutal than some of his books, but moreso than most on the market, Keene knows how to horrify, disgust and frighten, but still manages to hook his readers and drag them screaming along for the ride.

The pace of this book is blinding and doesn't let up. I'm surprised how much description and backstory Keene manages to fit in while keeping things rolling. I would ascribe it to his simple writing style. His sentences are short and every single one of them has a purpose. He sticks to the story and gets it done. The characters are not overdeveloped and Keene gives us just enough to keep the pages turning. The violence, blood and gore are at times extreme and, after reading two of his books, I do The pace of this book is blinding and doesn't let up. The violence, blood and gore are at times extreme and, after reading two of his books, I do get the sense that his definition of horror involves nauseating amounts of gore and slimy guts.

These vivid descriptions of mutilation become predictable after a while and lose their ability to shock. That's about the only negative thing I can come up with after reading this book. The protagonist comes across as a comic book character from Tales From the Crypt, unless an ex-Amish witch doctor who uses powwow charms to protect his horse and buggy can be considered a serious character. Nevertheless, he makes the perfect hero in this kind of weird story and I felt I wanted to cheer him on, even while his religious ideas made no sense.

This book has evil, shape shifting monsters, action, pace, blood and gore, and kickass magic. If you don't like that type of combination, then I'm not sure why you are looking at a horror novel. This is par for the course. Aug 16, DJMikeG rated it really liked it. Brian Keene at his best. Could have been trying to communicate with another out of site raven or begging for food.

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In illustrations, some photographs, I notice a light or white ball in the beak of a crow. What is that object? Can you send some photos or links to the illustrations you are referencing? My favorite is the story of the raven that would fee from roadkill in the road. Rather than flying off every time a car came, it would just duck and let them drive over the top of it!

I had a great experience with a magpie in Sun Valley…I was lonely in a condominium and the magpie came to get crackers.. Today my crow friends spent time with me foraging for the food I put out, they are a confident young couple with a prime nesting spot in the corner of the park. They stayed with me a while and seemed to be in a good mood. I wonder if we can speculate why she made such a specific sound?

Do we know much about communication between crows and do you have an idea if they use clicks for anything specific? As far as the literature is concerned this is a female-specific contact call. So unlocking their calls has been exceptionally difficult and most remain mysterious! About their nest, I thought they might be using the same nest that has been there a while, because it is in a very good location and seems to have gained bulk over the past week or two.

The female is there often, but maybe only because that spot overlooks a huge area. Do you think they will definitely make a fresh nest in another location? The clicking sound was a proper click like a parrot might make. Any resources or studies you know that try to penetrate the mystery? Is it better to have some sort of feeder or platform to put food on or should I just throw it out in the yard? I have made friends with a crow in my yard and he will now eat out of my hand..

In any case this is not a behavior I would encourage from a wild bird because, as sweet as it is for you, these behaviors, if applied to other people, can and do get them killed. Which is really tragic. I too have lately tried to coax a trio of regularly-fed crows to come closer.

Persistence in the effort? About six started up such a squawk around my head that I quickly retreated, removing the offending offering from the rail. They then settled down, and the habit of my tossing the food down onto the lawn was resumed. My second attempt has been with a trio of regulars in east van. Hard to know what they make of us. Anyway, I recently tried to get them to come to my hand, but they sat 5 feet away and squawked a bit, so I withdrew.

Crows display a fair bit of individuality, so maybe its about finding that one crow that will master its skittishness in the pursuit of its curiosity to find out more about you. Oakland, Ca I have a trio of crows that come twice daily for food. I changed their feeding location to my backyard but the other pair have located the secret stash and have become even more aggressive!

How can I feed them all without such aggressiveness?? So sweet And yes…the aggressive pair have a baby in nearby tree. I did try that. Did not work. I will keep trying. However my trio my fave is now a family of five and they regained their territory. The mean trio is now a family of four and mama crow seems to be mad at me since I favor the 5.


I scolded her for fighting and now she sees me and slowly walks away from me. Quite hilarious. She does not caw she just …. They initially would perch on the tree next to the front desk, wait for me to leave food on the deck and come eat. Within a few weeks they would just wait on the deck outside my door and one was very bold and would just move to one side of the deck while I placed food on the other side the other would wait in the tree. I was able to distinguish them from other crows in the area by this behavior and because they were always together.

About 2 weeks ago they stopped coming. I really miss them. They used to come regularly sometimes all day long! I did notice the more reticent bird occasionally had bric a brac in its beak and I wondered if it was nest building. Any thoughts about what might have happened to my friends? Any changes? My family lives near the corner edge of a Ohio forest, and I have heard one or two crows that I want to befriend near the other side of our forest.

How do I get the crows attention with trees blocking the view? Instead of flying away every time a car passes, simply to return. I saw a baby crow being attacked by other crows. At First I thought it was saving it from getting hit by a car but then Everytime it flew to a tree they would knock it out to the ground and all were trying to kill It. So we rescued it and took it to another place We know is save. Did we do the right thing?

The crow had blue eyes and pink beak but flew really good. Today I saw a baby crow in my backyard, I did bring the bird to my house first the. We drove a mile away and let it go and it flew to a tree. Would it come back to my house are they that smart? Hi KC! As for whether you did the right thing the answer is probably no.

At that age these birds are dependent on their parents and you took it too far away to probably link up with them again. Nature is brutal sometimes. I saw a crow just front to my house. It is roaming here and there. It is a grown up. It is an elder crow. The problem is our street dogs are running behind that. But some crows are protecting their crow friend from dogs hurting it. What do I do now? Shall I save it or leave it as it is?

Maybe I think because of electric shock. Please reply me fast. I have a crow in a tree in my backyard hoping around the branches. Looks kind of beat up. I can walk right up to it and the crows above are swooping down aggressively toward me.

No, It’s Not Actually a Murder of Crows

Are they trying to protect it or do they want to kill it off? Its been there for a few days. It could go either way. Are you able to identify whether it is a baby or an adult? I am slowly being a crow fanatic and have begun attempting to develop a relationship with what I believe are a mating couple outside my house. They do appear to be a bit smaller and leaner. Is this the right time of year for younger crows to begin making an appearance? Does this question make sense? Thank you! I love following all your social media profiles. Hi Adam!

Yes it is the time of year when young are leaving the nest and may be out and about with their parents.

See a Problem?

Look for blue eyes and pink at the corner of their mouths to verify this. Look at my two most recent blog posts for anything and everything related to their vocalizations. Hopefully you can find your answers there. The night prior we had bad weather all night Southeast Louisiana. The baby already had feathers and could only fly a few inches off the ground.

Not knowing anything about birds, we thought to keep warm, quiet and feed for a few days til could fly higher and then release back where found, on a tree branch. All was going well, but around the 5th day I noticed one of the wings was not symmetrical with the other one. My vet determined it was broken and had already started healing, meaning nothing could be done. He is doing great and now eating mostly on his own. He is in a large dog wire crate with tree branches and takes a bath every day. Do you have any suggestions, other than to euthanize? Thank you so much in advance!

You could also try to find people in your local area that are already set up to permanently care for crows. I wish you and your new friend the best of luck. Do you know if a crow will follow you to work. I started feeding a lone crow that was hanging out at home. Then its mate I think starting hanging out also. She wiggles her but when she walks away after eating. I work outdoors about 4 miles from home. I swear they both show up there cawing at me.

The male I believe is always flying by and cawing in a very nice way. If I take a walk he always shows up just to let me know he sees me. Since parakeets have stopped visiting , our area has become overrun with large numbers of crows.

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Not sure. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. FAQs about crows These are short answers to some of the more common questions I get asked. Crow Biology What is the difference between a crow and a raven? How long do crows live? Can crows really talk? What hunts crows? Are crows monogamous? How do crows mate? How can you sex crows? Why are crows sometimes white?

Crow Behavior Why do I see large groups of crows flying over my house every evening? Do crows ever kill each other? Do crows collect shiny objects? Why do crows gather around their dead? Crows and Humans I found a dead crow in my yard, how do I get rid of it without upsetting the crows? Can I get West Nile virus from touching a crow? Is it legal to keep pet crows?

Why was I just attacked by a crow? How can I get rid of crows from my yard? I enjoy feeding crows, what kind of food should I offer them? Do crows ever bring people gifts? Can they be trained to bring money? Crow Biology 1 What is the difference between a crow and a raven? Crow Behavior 1 Why do I see large groups of crows flying over my house every evening?

Crows and Humans 1 I found a dead crow in my yard, how do I get rid of it without upsetting the crows? Not without a permit-see below. Share this: Twitter Facebook More Reddit. Like this: Like Loading Vincent Vandemeer. January 21, at am. February 4, at pm. January 24, at am. Elizabeth Jordan. February 12, at am. February 16, at pm. February 19, at pm. Coraxo Ravenite Obviously not my real name. February 17, at pm. Any ideas what that was about?

Mary Lee.