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Trinity The Tuck on Valentina's elimination and Drag Race UK

Valentina and Nina Bo'nina Brown were paired together and struggled with filming their TV pilot as they had not prepared a script and had to improvise. Although Valentina received some positive comments on her runway outfit, she and Nina were criticized for their lack of planning and organization, which ultimately landed them both in the bottom two. Valentina initially attempted to lip-sync with her mouth covered by her runway mask, but RuPaul made her remove it, revealing she couldn't remember the lyrics to the song and she was eliminated.

Much like Trixie Mattel 's and BenDeLaCreme 's, her elimination was a shock to most viewers, as she was considered to be one of the stronger contestants of Season 9. On Season 9's reunion, several of the other contestants most notably Aja and Farrah Moan objected to Valentina winning the "Miss Congeniality" vote. They argued that the "Miss Congeniality" prize is more of a popularity contest and Valentina should be crowned "fan favorite" instead as she wasn't seen to be the most congenial contestant, largely because she didn't speak out about the hate her fans sent to other contestants following her elimination.

Following the controversy, Valentina suggested her fans to leave rose emojis in her fellow Season 9 contestants' comment sections to show them that they're not all hateful. This led to many of her followers flooding many drag queens' social media with red rose emojis. While some responded positively to this as a nice gesture, many others saw it as an annoyance and spam, with some asking fans to stop. In the first episode, the contestants were asked to roast each other in the show's " Reading is Fundamental " mini-challenge. Salmon baked in parchment with zucchini and tomatoes was a simple and lovely preparation of perfectly cooked fish and softly wilted vegetables.

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Unfortunately, sloppy execution, sub-par ingredients and timid seasoning marred many of the offerings. Sliced pears in an arugula-Gorgonzola salad were rock hard and not sweet. Bitter oranges and flavorless kiwi were odd choices for a hacked-up tuna carpaccio of questionable freshness. The sauce pooled around a veal scallopine was purportedly made with white wine and butter; it had so little flavor, it may as well have been made with water.

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Thank goodness for the complimentary cup of delicious whipped ricotta that came with the bread. It saved the veal. It was a very drunk reaction of shock! Obviously, the delivery behind it was very telenovela, and I live for watching myself on camera. What were you going to say before the girls cut you off?

I hope she has a great life and a great career. I found out that she was healing from a broken back or something [on that episode]. Maybe she was just….

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You never know what people are going through. I wish her all the best! FB Twitter ellipsis More.

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TV Show. Mettie Ostrowski for EW. RuPaul — as host, mentor, and creative inspiration — decides who's in and who's out. By Joey Nolfi.

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