Fortress Of The Fire Child

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D-Day dismantles Maddox's Intestinator and uses a magnetic component to pull out the others' Intestinators. During their next work shift John's group puts their Intestinators in an air-duct and stage a brawl, causing Zed to trigger the devices and blow the duct open to prepare their escape. Poe promptly flushes the duct with steam and sends in "Strike Clones", networked cyborgs armed with flamethrowers and machine guns. Stiggs surrenders and gets shot dead, but the rest of the group kill a Strike Clone, steal its weapon and use it to kill the remaining clones.

Zed alerts Poe of Karen's actions. He reveals to her that her child, like all MenTel-owned babies, will be extracted in a fatal Caesarean to be made a cyborg. Abraham and Karen resist, but are powerless against the cyborg Poe and Abraham dies of strangulation. Hijacking one of the gun turrets and using it as an elevator, John's group travels to Zed's control room.

John takes Poe hostage and orders him to release Karen. Poe gives the order, but Zed refuses the command while stating that MenTel does not engage in any negotiations during hostage situations and a gun turret blasts Poe, blowing him to pieces and leaving John's group with no leverage.

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Once brought over to the core computer, D-Day hacks into Zed and accesses a powerful virus confiscated at the start of his sentence. D-Day manages to activate the virus after being shot and incapacited, causing a complete systems crash and all automated security to fail. John and Gomez rescue Karen, hijack a truck, and escape to Mexico where Karen enters labor in an abandoned barn and gives birth to her and John's child. The original ending of Fortress has been edited from some versions of the film. After reaching Mexico, Brennick, his wife, and Gomez end up at a barn where she starts going into labor.

Gomez goes out to the truck to get a blanket for the soon-to-arrive baby. The Fortress computer manages to establish a remote linkup with the truck, overriding its internal controls. The truck suddenly comes to life and runs Gomez down, killing him. Brennick shoots the truck with the Strike Clone machine gun.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Book Review

He then sets it on fire with the flamethrower attachment. Script, illustration: Vanessa Lalonde. Add a Comment:. Load All Images. Sztefa Featured By Owner May 18, I love how he pops out of nothing. It's awesome! Also Medic and Spy remind me somehow of Harry and Malfoy. Just me? Ok ;w;.

I-I mean So, the Spy's in it now, that's cool I have a funny thought. What if spy didn't smoke as a kid, but chewed a heck of a lot of gum. Also I chew a heck of a lot of gum. I just love this comic!

Wish I can make something like this, was considering it though. Yeah it'd awesome to. But know I'm considering making them little chibi creatures instead o-o.

See a Problem?

Nope :3 Though I'm a bit shaky on my class recognition in this AU of course so I kind of wondered if it was either spy disguised as someone else entirely. Then I actually read it- that panel had simply caught my eye first. Oh goodness sorry I'm a bit confused myself as I read over that Never mind that was weird.

Potterheads looked forward to seeing the character development over the nineteen years for all of their favourite characters. We wanted to see Harry succeed, having lost his parents and defeating the Dark Lord multiple times, we just wanted him to be happy, but no.

Children of Fire launches Throwback Thursday campaign

Sorry Potter, not this time. I wanted to see Ron, Harry and Hermione take on tasks that were far too dangerous for them to handle. I wanted to see Draco try and intervene, but that was not what we got. This adds to the father and son tension which already exists, but is never fully explained. Albus and Scorpius go on an adventure, much like Harry, Ron and Hermione would, to attempt to right the wrongs of Harry Potter by going back in time and changing things, they are then faced with the circumstances of time-travel.

A theory which I thoroughly enjoy, but never thought a Harry Potter plot would be based on. The storyline was not dull, but it was lacking. It was lacking magic, detail and a lot of character development.