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Authors Tim Winton Sarah J. Top Pick. Equally mysterious is the re-appearance of someone Bryan never knew existed, someone who has taken control of Omega Technologies and shut down the GSA. Somehow, he must find Anna and get answers.

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Please note: not all stock is available in all stores. Reviews from Goodreads. Delivery options: Shipping to an Australian address When will my book be dispatched from your warehouse? When will my order arrive? If he is to find Anna and finally get answers, he has to give the investigator, Staff Sgt. Shelby, a bigger fish: The old facility and everyone in it. From Canadian fantasy and science fiction writer Ryan Fitzgerald, the author of The Legion Rises , the series continues …. League of Super Heroes Book 1. Celeste Ayers.

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Daniel gets the opportunity to perform in the Nutcracker Ballet. He's nervous at first, but gradually realizes that he can learn how to do it, one step at a time. If something seems hard to do, try it a little bit at a time. Daniel celebrates Love Day at school with Teacher Harriet and his friends. Everyone gives each other special gifts to say "I love you".

Daniel receives a mysterious card, and tries to figure out who gave it to him.

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The sender shows up to school, and it is Daniel's Grandpere. February 9, ; Valentine's Day special. Daniel and his family celebrate Love Day with Grandpere at their house. Daniel helps him mom make special Love Day pizza, and sets up a treasure hunt for Grandpere to say "I love you! Grandpere helps him see that Margaret did not know and was finding her own way to show Daniel she loves him. Daniel and his family have a day outdoors. Daniel learns how bird build their nests,and then he and Katerina help the mother bird when her nest falls out of the tree. April 20, ; Arbor Day special.

Daniel joins the Owls as they take a nature walk. They see different plants and animals, and even spot a rainbow. Daniel and Miss Elaina are having fun playing at Miss Elaina's house. During their playing, they both get hurt, but Daniel does not want to admit he is hurt. Lady Elaine comes in and fixes their boo-boos, telling them when they are hurt, they should find a grown up to help make them feel better. Daniel and Margaret are playing "Chase" when Daniel trips over his toy car and hurts his ankle. He is nervous to go see Doctor Anna, but starts feeling better once he learns she is the best person to go to when injured.

He learns about X-rays, and learns he sprained his ankle. When you get hurt, find a grown-up to help you feel better. Daniel gets mad when his mom tells him that he cannot ride trolley because she has to push Margaret on her stroller. When you cannot get what you want, stomp three times to help yourself feel better. As Daniel and all of his friends go to the library for a sleepover, he learns all the things that look and sound different at night.

After the storm ends, it makes a huge mess of the neighborhood and it is up to Daniel and everybody else to clean up. Take a grown-up's hand, follow the plan and you'll be safe. A neighbor is here to help. It's OK to make mistakes. Try to fix them and learn from them too. Daniel is being quiet, because he, his family, Miss Elaina are doing quiet things so Margaret can sleep on her nap time, and when it is over then Daniel might feel like not being loud.

Whatever you do, think about what other people need too. Daniel and his family are having a picnic to watch the fireworks. Margaret gets scared of them, but she knows she can grab her big brother's hand when she is scared.

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Daniel worries about how he looks when he has to wear a different sweater because his red one is in the wash. You can change your hair or what you wear, but no matter what you do, you're still you. Daniel, Prince Wednesday and Miss Elaina take their stuffed toys on a trolley ride through a pretend neighborhood. If there's something you need, try to make it yourself.

Daniel and friends lend a hand to Music Man Stan after a gust of wind knocks down his Fall Festival decorations. You're big enough, you're big enough to think of what to do. This is my happy song, and I could sing it all day long. Sometimes you feel two feelings at the same time and that's okay. There are so many things to do and see when you're on a trip with your family. When you're away you can play this game, find what's different and what's the same.

Grr, Grr, Grr out loud. Keep on trying and you'll feel proud! It's time to sleep, the day is done.

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Let's countdown to calm down, Things may change and that's okay. Today we can do things a different way. Sometimes you want to be alone. You can find a place of your very own. On their way to the Post Office, Dad tells Daniel he cannot play at the playground and he gets angry. You can be mad at someone you love. When you are ready, give them a hug. Do you have to go potty? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Why don't you sit and try to go.

At school, Daniel gets furious when Miss Elaina gets more attention from Chrissie and decided he wanted to push her.

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Instead, he remembers the importance of self control and how to stop himself before his anger continues. Farmer Daniel is playing Farm with his farm animals, but he gets so furious when Margaret knocks down his fence and wants to hit her. It's OK to feel angry. It's not, not, not OK to hurt someone. When they wonder and explore, they can learn so many new things to see. Daniel and his friends learn all about their favorite Neighborhood Trolley and they want to find out, how many passengers can fit? Mom Tiger is working as a carpenter, but Daniel really wants her to play with him.

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