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The original U. When asked about the band's name Lawless has avoided giving a straight answer: in one interview he answered, "We Ain't Sure, Pal. In a February interview, Lawless stated the main reason for the name was the periods.

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He claimed no band had ever used them before although R. He then went on to say, "Look where we are: it did! The original lineup of W. The band became notorious for its raunchy and, at times, shocking live shows. Lawless was known to tie semi-naked models to a torture rack, and to also hurl raw meat into the audience. The band's debut single, entitled "Animal Fuck Like A Beast ," and its cover were equally controversial.

The first lineup didn't last for long, as Rik Fox was let go and went on to join the band Steeler with vocalist Ron Keel and guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen. Shortly afterward, Don Costa also left the band and his position on the bass was filled by Brayden Parker. At the same time, guitarist Chris Holmes joined the band. The debut was at one time planned for release with the title Winged Assassins. The band's first single "Animal Fuck Like A Beast " was omitted from the album in the United States to prevent it from being banned from major chain stores. Shortly after the band made an appearance in the film The Dungeonmaster.

Paul, Minnesota, by Lawless. The song was released on their next album The Last Command in September The Last Command is still W. The Last Command was also the first album with new drummer Steve Riley. The former Keel drummer replaced Tony Richards at the beginning of the tour. With the lineup changes made, they recorded their third album, titled Inside the Electric Circus. It was released in October The album was a big hit with W.

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Critics, on the other hand, dismissed it as "7th-grader rock. This lowered the band's reputation to such a degree that concert halls were getting bomb threats, band members were receiving death threats by the hundreds, and singer Blackie Lawless was shot at twice though not hit.

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The controversy generated valuable publicity for the band. In W. The same year, a few dates during the Inside the Electric Circus tour were recorded and on November 27, , the Long Beach arena concert was released as the Live In the Raw album. Unfortunately, by this time, Steve Riley had left W. Guns , replaced by local drummer Chad Nelson. It was also their first album to sell rather poorly, however it reached the band's highest chart position with No. However, it would be W.

The drumming duties for the album were handled by former Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali. Chris Holmes left the band in August , stating that he wanted to "have fun, you know. The band effectively disbanded a few months later with Blackie Lawless embarking on a short lived solo career. Lawless was originally slated to play the T terminator in the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day , but was later replaced by Robert Patrick after Arnold Schwarzenegger deemed Lawless "too tall" 1.

Ironically, many critics [ who? This time, rather than "hiding behind" alter ego Jonathan Steele, Lawless spoke directly to the audience about his own feelings as stated in the liner notes.

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While the album lacked the cohesiveness of its predecessor, the lyrics still explored similar topics to Crimson Idol : being an outcast and misfit, the pressures of fame and society, and the search for love. Still Not Black Enough also included cover songs as "bonus tracks. No version to date includes all the various tracks on one disc. Chris Holmes returned to W.

Die and Helldorado They also recorded two live albums from these tours, Double Live Assassins and The Sting respectively. This release angered him as he was unhappy with the sound and picture quality.

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The band continued with the album Unholy Terror in Chris Holmes left the band once again in , stating that he wanted to "play the blues. Holmes, for his part, has claimed he never played on Unholy Terror. Dying for the World , released in , was written and recorded in less than a year which is very fast by Lawless' perfectionist standards. In April , W. The second part, The Demise , was released in September In , W.

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A video shoot for the track "Never Say Die" was planned with Ward Boult , a fetish photographer, directing. To this day, there has been no news as to whether the shoot resulted in anything concrete. It would have been the first W. Early saw the seemingly stable lineup fall apart. Long-time session and tour drummer Stet Howland left first on amicable terms , promising more specific information about the reasons for the split to be posted on his website. Larry Howe of Vicious Rumors was considered as a replacement.

In May, the departure of guitarist Darrell Roberts , who went on to join the band Five Finger Death Punch , was announced and new guitar player Mark Zavon was brought in several days before the first tour date. The same press release confirmed Mike Dupke , and not Howe, would be the new drummer.

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Furthermore, two days later, Zavon was out of the picture as well, seeing Doug Blair step in on guitar. A new album, Dominator was planned for release in October , according to a statement made by Blackie Lawless at a tour stop in Kavarna.

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