The Enemies of Excellence: 7 Reasons Why We Sabotage Success

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You are so on top of it.

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This is an individual and collective challenge that must stop immediately for any substantial progress to be made. From this moment, I commit to removing the blocks that I have allowed myself to build.

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I deserve it, my family deserves it, and humanity deserves it. My excellence breeds more excellence. Thank you Harv! I am normally doing well and keep focus on my long term goals, but we all have one of those more stupid than usual days, you know what I mean, and this was right what I needed to move one! I absolutely agree, nothing better than ourselves to stop us! My success in the past is tied to a time when my marriage was failing.

Joel Osteen - Blessed By Your Enemies

I am now in a happy, healthy relationship but have been struggling to find success again for fear that the relationship will suffer! Thank you! As always, thank you for being such a wonderful and positive force for personal growth and vision. Looking forward to seminar!

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Harv Eker opened my eyes and mind to the reason why I am where I am in life. It is all because of me and my own mind sabotage and pre-sent money blue print that I have created. Harv helped me to understand that I can change my money, health, relationship blueprints. I need to listen to my heart and my mind and do what I said that I am going to do. I will be a millionaire and I know it. No 1 my hardest enemy especially as I have a hard ingrained behavioral pattern that I am learning to change now.

Another point which is important to learn to stand truly to yourself and to your being and your goals, no matter what others say or tell you. Maybe you will loose friends even family. But your life is not theirs it is yours. And belief me, you will make new friends, friends who truly accept you for what you are. And only this true you can and will succeed. Number 1 and 2 especially!

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Being stuck mean not having to take responsability for own life, can give it to others and just floath by. And have the pity and attention from others. For my mind its easy, known and safe. Definitly number 2! I am always looking for excuses for not to take an action to stay in comfort zone. But I will change this.

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Actually this comment is my first step because this is my first comment in our community ever. I took an action! And I am already feeling more accountable to myself…. I would say 3 is the biggest thing for me. I know there is some type of blockage because I know that I am more than capable to have success right now. This is very helpful. I feel Harv really pinpoints the essence of it.

For me, its most likely block 2. I read your blogs it make me feel that I know answer for my problems but still I am not taking action. Thanks Harv. I love reading your blogs. Abaolutely true. Thanks so much Harv. I have been perusing a online venture with little success. I def attribute some of it to inner bloquage but I have been working hard on these.

The self-deception of many leaders begins with the Enemy of Egotism. A leader believes "I really know what is best for me, my team, and this organization. Yet herein lies the problem. Most leaders who enjoy rapid success experience a serious gap. Because success has come so quickly, and character is slower to develop than talents and abilities, their character is inevitably less developed than their talents. Yet, like all of us, they need character to sustain success.

3 Common Reasons Why Most People Self-Sabotage Their Own Success - T. Harv Eker

A leader in emergency mode is just trying to put out fires in his personal life. He is too tired to do things right and well, so he tries just to "get it done. You need to succeed, but in fact, we all need you to succeed. Listen on Apple Podcasts. They were also the most obvious to me as I began working closely with leaders as a coach. As I worked more and more with leaders who were failing in their leadership capacities or destroying their own lives, however, I began to discern more subtle patterns.

But the struggles that high profile leaders face are in many ways identical to the ones you and I face every day, in our offices, homes, and schools. This has become clear to me in my 25 years of working with people—the same pattern occurs over and over again. It is everywhere. You probably know someone who has crashed and burned.

The Enemies of Excellence (7 Reasons Why We Sabotage Success)

How do these catastrophes happen to people who have everything going for them and their families? Download PDF sample. By Greg Salciccioli, Patrick Lencioni A guide that addresses the ethical disasters and corruption of political and company officers, this reference means that, despite how morally robust a pace-setter, all face seven center dangers, yet through making a choice on and studying to acknowledge every one danger, leaders can cease growing distress for themselves and the folks who depend upon them emotionally and financially and bring the sustainable luck humans expect them for.