The Nearness Of You

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More on Ned Washington at JazzBiographies. More information on this tune Sarah Vaughan recorded the tune on several occasions beginning with her classic performance The Divine Sarah Vaughan: The Columbia Years Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong collaborated in on an utterly charming version of the tune Ella and Louis. Intervals are small, for the most part; only three leaps sixths and seventh occur in the entire song.

Here it is the primary one used. A v7 functioning as a ii7 of IV is inserted before the I7, and the iv is turned into a diminished chord resolving to iii.

The Nearness of You

Many contemporary performers use a chromatically descending progression here. For example, in the present key of F major, the traditional changes would be Am —D7 — Gm, whereas contemporary performers might use Am — Ab — Gm instead.

McElrath - Musicologist for JazzStandards. Book includes CD. Thomas S. Hischak The American Musical Film Song Encyclopedia Greenwood Press Hardcover: pages 1 paragraph including the following types of information: summary and performers. Hischak The Tin Pan Alley Song Encyclopedia Greenwood Press Hardcover: pages 1 paragraph including the following types of information: film productions, history, performers and style discussion.

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Branford Marsalis. Abbey Lincoln. Cannonball Adderley. Ella Fitzgerald. Roy Hargrove.

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Lynne Arriale Trio. Bennie Wallace. Sarah Vaughan. Hoagy Carmichael.

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Ned Washington. More on Ray Eberle at JazzBiographies. Chart information used by permission from Joel Whitburn's Pop Memories Ascending by skips thirds and fourths and steps; descending primarily stepwise.

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Why do I just wither and forget all resistance When you and your magic pass by My hearts in a dither dear When you're at a distance But when you are near, oh my It's not the pale moon that excites me That thrills and delights me, Oh no Its just the nearness of you It isn't your sweet conversation That brings this sensation, Oh no Its just the nearness of you When you're in my arms And I feel you so close to me All my wildest dreams Came true I need no soft lights to enchant me If you'll only grant me The right To hold you ever so tight And to feel in the night The nearness of you.

Music by: Hoagy Carmichael. Lyrics by: Ned Washington. Nominate as Song of the Day. Spotify: The Nearness of You.