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The World in Devotion takes this second comparison a step further, with the Arafnas crafting their coldest and most removed album yet. There are certainly elements of the catchy, sweetened electro riffs that have characterized their last few releases. At the same time, the iciness that has always been a part of their work slices through to the fore on this album with the precision of a laser.

The album also features tracks that are the eeriest and least traditionally melodic since their debut—the sort of thing that seems to emanate from a grainy, grey world that exists at a distance from our own.

November Növelet "The World In Devotion" [Official Music Video]

Holding all of this together, as always, are the supremely disinterested vocals of Mrs. Her ability to affect a sense of world-weariness and icy allure is something unheard since Marlene Dietrich was in her prime. She sounds jaded beyond caring, even when the lyrics seem emotional.

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November Növelet – The World in Devotion

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