The Miracles In My Life

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I had not painted the plane yet, so the small wheel with stand was still light grey, almost impossible to find in the light blue and thick shag carpet the carpet hairs were about an inch long and standing firm high. I spent almost half an hour fingering through the blue forest but to no avail. Without this small piece the plane would be practically useless, because it would just lie there lopsided. I walked to the window and leaned my butt against the window sill, staring at the situation in front of me and wondering what to do. Which is when it occurred to me to pray to God, the first time I remember doing so.


I thought it was absurd to make such a silly prayer, but I did anyway. I apologized for asking such a silly thing, acknowledging that he must be very busy, but it was simply frustrating to me and wondered if he could help me out. Nothing particular happened, and not knowing what to do, I simply walked forward to around my chair, dropped to my knees, dropped on my elbows, plunged my two thumbs and index fingers into the deep shag, and sure enough, perfectly in between them, innocently lay the small wheel.

So then it became clear to me that I could make direct requests like this through prayer. But because I was led by the Spirit and generally of good heart, I certainly did not intend to abuse this new "power". The next time I remember praying was around the same time when I was away in a summer camp. There was a boy who decided he disliked me and he made my life at the camp a living hell. He constantly hurled verbal insults at me, and I was feeling depressed and wanted to leave.

He was sleeping below me in the bunk bed and at night, while I was falling asleep, I prayed to God that he would solve the situation somehow. Within days I fell into a deep fever, like I never remember. Which is rather odd because it was the dead of summer and no reason why I should catch a cold. I remember that they put me into the camp's hospital room and that I was unconscious much of the time.

Perhaps a day or two. But on one of those evenings all boys from my room and come to visit me, obviously brought there by the attending elder who was in charge of our room, and they stood in the doorway wishing me well. And I particularly remember the boy who had been abusing me. I looked at him the most, because I hoped he would stop abusing me, and he looked like he felt very sorry. Almost guilty. Hmm, now when I think about it, perhaps he put poison in my food. Whatever the case, after that incident he no longer bothered me and the rest of my time at camp was cheery.

So in my mind a second prayer had been answered. Over the years I had always been careful never to abuse this new "power", but by around 16 I was attending a boarding school. Life in my home had become a living hell, I became a rebel delinquent who refused to be repressed into nonexistence by a short tempered new stepfather, who had a blackbelt in karate and zero tact or experience with kids, and I proposed to my parents that perhaps they could remedy the entire situation by sending me to boarding school.

They didn't really have the money for it but agreed it was a good idea and a necessity, so they did. At the new school I felt alone, the other kids were from well-off families, and the entire place seemed rather cold. I was depressed and longed to be with my father, so I prayed in all earnestness for this to come true. Perhaps a minute passed, and because nothing had happened, I became angry and vowed not to have faith in God again. Years passed and, out of the blue, I got the urge to call my dad.

One thing led to another and I soon found myself in Colorado with his new family. By this time long story he had turned to God previously he was a serious atheist, like most Czechs and was preaching to me. Anyway, as explained in My Testimony link above , he convinced me to read the bible, I eventually became convinced of its power and perfect logic, and realized that my prayer many years ago had in fact been answered, but in a long, drawn out and round about way.

Now I was reading the bible, and also understood that God does not or cannot always answer all prayers immediately. I was learning patience and understanding, and how to be realistic about things. Once I was treeplanting and a group of us went on an excursion during our day off. At that time we were planting on the coast of British Colombia and decided to check out one of the islands. We went for a nice walk and then lay on the large boulders on the seashore. I was laying on mine and was looking at some islands in the distance, when I began to daydream and my mind started wandering to the thought of one day starting some sort of commune on one of the islands.

I was imagining running it, and how we would all worship Christ, and help and support each other, and the commune would be a beautiful spiritual place of love. I felt almost giddy with happiness at these thoughts and daydreamed I was there on that island, and felt very spiritually happy thinking about it. Which is when one of my friends spoke up and said, "Hey, look at Karel! Do you see a sort of green halo around him, and how it seems to spread to us others? The others in our group responded bluntly that they did not see anything, but it made me think that certain people are able to see God's light.

I reflected on how I was often able to see light in people. Certain people seemed to glow and it was always those who had a cheery disposition and more or less led a holy life, or were positive and spiritual in some way. Many years later an acquaintance of mine got hold of a bible I gave to him, but didn't like it and instead passed it on to another friend.

I didn't know about this but the next time we met the acquaintance was enthusiastically talking about a book he recently read about the life of Jesus. I didn't know what he was talking about but one thing I could not help but notice was that his eyes shown like lightbulbs. It was amazing and I've rarely seen eyes shine so bright. Eventually we all moved apart, I was emailing with this acquaintance, and tried to keep him on track, but eventually he decided to believe in the Buddhist religion instead.

In any case, I've met him a few times later on in life and overall he seemed a more positive a cheery person. But this incidence gave me the thought that the Word is Light and Love, as the bible says, and that by reading the bible one can become filled with the Holy Spirit, which is why he became a gleaming, "living being", at least for a while. This incidence imparted to me the thought that, not only by reading the good book can one become filled with the Spirit, but that the light shining from within them can be blatant, at least to someone like myself who can "see the light".

Unbelievers, as the bible says, are generally blind to this light, and therefore probably have no clue what I am talking about. Once I was working in a bar, two of the waitresses were standing at the till, when I noticed something like a dark spirit pass into them.

Something felt strange and the whole moment was rather strange, but within a few seconds they were starting to claw each other. I somehow saw the whole incident escalate and gestured to the head bartender to look their way. By the time he did they were already clawing each other, but fortunately he was close, I saw it coming, and he managed to break up their scuffle without any great harm. A few days later one waiter spat out of the blue and called me a liar. I spat out that he was an asshole. He invited me to step outside and I quickly followed him this was during that period when I was telling myself I was an atheist , but the cook hollered out several times and convinced me not to follow him.

I am perhaps the most sensitive about someone calling me a liar. Perhaps the waiter, who later felt remorse for his behaviour, is sensitive about someone calling him an asshole. The conversation was not provoked at all but it escalated very quickly, and I remember feeling immediate anger, so I deduced that the black spirit had tried its work on us as well. It was at that time that I began to think that dark spirits are present in our world.

Many years later, when I was already a believer for over a decade, I moved into a house on the edge of town and rented out the rooms I did not need. I had a house warming party and everyone slept upstairs. The next morning they all complained because they heard someone walking around upstairs all night long and were convinced it was a ghost. One of the younger men purposefully got up and walked around to check, but couldn't find anything. None of them wanted to come back to my house. One of the women pointed out that she noticed a devil worshipping symbol hanging above the garage entrance.

I immediately exterminated that into the fire. My best friend was staying at the house for a while, and at some point before that she had a vivid nightmare of meeting a guy in a bar who was talking about the daughter he loved and that he'd like to introduce my friend to her. My friend went home with him, he took her to the bathroom and pointed her to go further.

After my friend started walking down the longer bathroom corridor, he shut the iron gate behind her and, looking apologetically, said "sorry".

Miracles in My Life: Reasons To Believe by Donna Snyder

She continued down the corridor, entered into the open bathroom and saw what looked like a dead girl lying in the bathtub, wearing her own, old clothes. The girl in the bathtub was partially decayed, and at that moment started to rise up out of the bathtub, and tried to grab my friend, evidently with the intention to eat her.

At that point my friend woke up. About a week later she was crashing on the living room couch at my "haunted house", I was sleeping in my room next door, and as we were falling asleep she started to make a strange noise, like she saw something and was very scared. She asked me to pray and make it go away, so I prayed in the name of Jesus for all evil spirits to go away. Later she told me it was then okay, it went away, and she fell asleep. But she explained to me her earlier dream the one mentioned above , and said that, as she was falling asleep, this time the same girl was back but she was much more decayed and her now half-torso was hovering above her, reaching out to eat her.

I decided that this was enough and exorcised the house. There was a crematorium and graveyard not too far away, so I told the spirits could stay there but that they cannot come onto my own premises and they cannot harm or bother any of my friends who come to visit me. It was peaceful for a while, until one day my cat came from its usual neighbourhood excursions but most of the bone on one of its legs was exposed.

Evidently it got caught in some trap. In any case, I took it personally, and one day when I was coming back from a concert while carrying my African drum over my shoulder, I decided to get off the tram one stop early and walk through the graveyard. It was perhaps in the morning and I was a bit inebriated. But the thought of my cat was lingering in my head on the way home, so once I got into the middle of the pitch dark graveyard, I strapped my big, African teak drum around my waste and started pounding into it and hollering at the spirits like the soul of Africa was pouring out of my gut.

I chanted and prayed, expressing that I no longer have any sympathy for the spirits and that all evil ones are hereby eradicated from this entire region, preferably sent down into hell and not in harms reach of any humans. I never had a problem at that house again. On a side note, I should say that, through all this time, things were going positively in my benefit, and we can include all those times as little miracles.


Right now though I am just focusing on concrete prayers or incidences I remember. Okay, things are just gonna get weirder, so put on your seatbelts!

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Now I am planting trees during summers between university, and I teamed up with a fellow kook and Christian. We would plant together and talk freely about God, and we both really appreciated it. We were planting in an area with many beehives in the ground.

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At that time we had to screef away the surface with our shovel, to expose dirt and supposedly help the tree grow better. So essentially we had to dig away the top layer and many times we'd dig right into a bee's nest. One girl got bit six times one day and almost quit. I was reflecting on this and how I remember reading in the bible that "even the animals listen to God" in relation to the passage where one of God's prophets scolds humanity for being so stubborn and disobedient. Since this was rummaging through my head, I felt that me and my good believing friend should be spared any bites.

Sure enough, within an hour or two I heard my friend screaming. Later that day I asked him what had happened. He said he had dug right into a beehive and by the time he had realized what had happened, the entire swarm cloud was moving fiercely towards his face. Which is when he screamed and ran away, but he never got bit. And that settled in my mind that the animals really do listen to God, and ever since then I have treated them that way. Some time later we were both sitting during the dead of day and resting, because it was extremely hot, no wind, and it was difficult to keep working.

We sat there, and I contemplated how we were both believers, and that it would be nice to get a bit of rest from the intense sun. But it seemed absurd and even vain to ask for some remedy. After all, what remedy could possibly be given? The students' enthusiasm and delight in a story we were reading, a science experiment gone awry, or an especially messy art project motivated me to challenge both them and myself.

I was active and enjoyed playing badminton and volley ball with my young scholars, part of a reward system I had introduced to motivate them to better their own performance and earn extra gym time. In the midst of the school term my husband of two and a half years suffered a heart attack and passed a few days later.

My life changed dramatically. I was alone again. Then my mother became ill and moved in with me. Her condition deteriorated rapidly. She required full-time care that only a nursing home could provide. Soon she was bedridden, totally incapable of even feeding herself, a prisoner within her own body. Yet her mind remained alert. For years I would race from school to the nursing home to feed and care for her.

With my mother's passing there was no one left. My own physical health began to fail. Initially, I felt the pain in my neck, then in my wrists, and elbows. Over several months, it intensified and spread throughout my entire body. I saw numerous doctors. Finally, through the process of elimination, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Even with the morphine patches, and codeine contin, teaching became impossible. Simply getting out of bed in the morning was a struggle. I could no longer look after my home, my dogs, or myself.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. This is an autobiography with everything written as the author remembers.

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Sad times even heart-breaking. After the Pastor read this book. He said God used the author to get this book out to his people. Without the strength of God this book would have just been a memory. As Elvis told you in his song "There would be no way to tell you the pain she went through". There was many times the author could have died. Faith in God was what gave her courage.

There was times she could have given up an turn This is an autobiography with everything written as the author remembers. There was times she could have given up an turned to drugs or alcohol. However, knowing God was with her and would not leave her no matter what the future held in store. This book is to help people by showing we must put God first in our lives. If people pray when they are in their darkest hours and also give thanks with their many blessings. I have lived through and prayed for those that needed help.

I am able to live a life that God wants me to live. I was able to find my two brothers and sister after not seeing them for over 50 years. There is no self made man, woman or millionaire. People must unde "Miracles in my life reasons to believe" is my autobiography.

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