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Privacy policy. By Maria Popova Since , Christoph Niemann — LEGO-lover , imagination instigator , metaphorical chicken-chaser — has been delighting us with his visual blog for The New York Times , in which he has explored everything from his love-hate relationship with coffee to the fall of the Berlin Wall to his obsession with maps to the familiar drudgery of red-eye flights. One way to come up with a reliable budget is to use the following Price-vs.

Digital camera: Add 30 percent. Plus sales tax.

Abstract City - Handpainted Art Painting - 32in X 32in

The book is printed on glossy paper that really shows off the illustrations and also makes the hardcover about twice as heavy as a regular book of the same size. My kids were really interested in the book as well, and I ended up reading much of it to them, like a picture book.

Sure, there are some things they don't get because we don't live in NYC, or because they don't drink coffee, but the essays are more or less kid-safe. For me, I love seeing the different ways Niemann can illustrate his ideas, the way he combines various media for his illustrations. I think New Yorkers would find the book particularly appealing, but you don't have to live there to get most of the jokes.

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If you love picture books for your kids, Abstract City is like a picture book for adults — it's one you'll find yourself picking up just to re-read the essays when you need a little laugh. From "Unpopular Science": Based on supercomplicated physical observations, Einstein concluded that two objects may perceive time differently.

A Deadly Tick Virus, Extreme Seasonal Weirdness, and More

Based on simple life experience, I have concluded that this is true. An essay titled "Unpopular Science" illustrates various alternate meanings of scientific laws on a chalkboard, including a few that parents would especially sympathize with: The Afterword, about his creative process, is terrific and will be appreciated by nearly anyone who does creative work.

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