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Watson Ferguson can help to identify and refine the visual aspects of the brand including logo design and usage, colour palette, typography, use of imagery and overall design, as well as the brand voice, outlining how the brand speaks and sounds. Here we ready your brand to take it out there. This could be assets like websites, brochures and company stationery.

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Or hiring the right talent, moving into a new office, attending a trade event and creating new advertising. At Watson Ferguson, we only recommend what is absolutely necessary and achievable, and provide advice and guidance throughout implementation. Getting your product in front of potential customers often requires the role of sales professionals, more commonly known as Sales Reps. We empower and guide your sales reps to work better together and achieve sales excellence. To showcase a new or newly refined brand, business stationary is an important marketing tool.

Watson Ferguson can assist in producing everything from business cards, email signatures, letterheads and compliment slips to notepads, branded stationery and PowerPoint templates. We can assist brands in building simple, well-designed, SEO compliant and cost effective websites where the user experience is carefully considered, turning an ineffective website into a hard-working lead-generating tool. Once a clear brand strategy, brand identify and marketing strategy is locked down, Watson Ferguson can help you connect with customers.

If your communication strategy requires a digital component, and once your website has been built and optimized for SEO and lead conversion, we will then develop a Digital Media Strategy and a Social Media Strategy. A Digital Media Strategy defines the optimal approach using core digital channels, including: Google search advertising, Google display banner advertising and remarketing and paid social media.

A Social Media Strategy determines which social media properties should be used and details how best to do so. We offer clients an integrated package: campaign calendar development, creative development, community management and reporting.

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Whether you are launching a brand, a new product or just driving general brand awareness, Watson Ferguson can help develop an integrated creative campaign that gets the job done. From broad campaign conceptualisation to crafting individual elements and the final material experienced by customers, we will develop and manage your full campaign from start to finish.

You might be able to imagine as technologists that it was with a degree of skepticism and hesitation we committed to their Free Dive Workshop kick-off and process to develop our Brand Blueprint which lead ultimately to a new Brand Constitution, Tone of Voice and Corporate Identity Guideline and Website.

Then somewhat amazingly came back a week later with a clearly articulated, succinct distillation of the essence of our being and purpose as a company. Wanting to offer clients an alternative, they launched the business in early For most of our clients, Watson Ferguson acts as their very own CMO, marketing director, ad agency and production house, all rolled into one. This ensures expediency, consistency, value and overall marketing integrity. Click here to read an article about us on Mark Lives. Within a year, he joined the management team and was promoted to Head of Account Management.

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Under his leadership, the brand experienced double digit growth. Amidst a tough economic period when consumer spending was at its lowest, Spec-Savers briefed us on their most important communications piece of the year. We were asked to develop the Summer Campaign from a creative and production perspective. The HouseME team had a bold business idea to change residential rental for the better, and a lot riding on the launch of their idea.

If they were successful in launching and hitting targets, investment would come pouring in allowing the business to expand. They sought Watson Ferguson for help.

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We helped HouseME define their brand, refine their identity and develop a communication strategy and advertising campaign to launch in the Western Cape. Targets were met within a few short months and investment arrived. This resulted in more significant growth with HouseME now boasting more properties that most letting agents and plans to take their business global. Getting to the core of the 34 year old brand was foremost. The first objective was to make the most of the upcoming peak December period so Watson Ferguson quickly developed a point-of-sale campaign for stores, bars and restaurants.

To bring the brand into the 21st century and make the craft brewery that started it all compete with new rivals, we developed a new logo and range of packaging, followed by a new website and point-of-sale elements. Often confusing customers with too much information and a poor call to action which results in low lead generation. Watson Ferguson has developed a number of websites for brands using a proven linear approach and global best practices.

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  5. Built around a clear marketing objective, a fluid user experience, considered design and brand-centric copy, these websites have become hard-working tools for our clients. Please get in touch to discuss your brand, to see how we can help.

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    After all, if you grow, we grow. What we do. Brand Strategy This is our bread and butter, and something we are both highly experienced in and enjoy doing. Brand Identity Establishing a brand identity ensures brand consistency which is essential to customers. Marketing Strategy Here we ready your brand to take it out there. Standing Order Plans A Standing Order Plan saves you both time and money without risking a penny of your acquisitions budget.

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