Sound Doctrine

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The God who knows and loves Himself in the perfect fellowship of the Trinity has graciously willed to make Himself known to us and loved by us Matt. Though the triune God is the ultimate source of doctrine, He has chosen to minister doctrine to us through His prophets and Apostles in Holy Scripture. Doctrine is drawn from Holy Scripture as from a fountain. Doctrine is measured by Holy Scripture as by a rule. Furthermore, doctrine leads us back to Scripture by equipping us to become better readers. Christian doctrine has a twofold object. The primary object of doctrine is God; the secondary object is all things in relation to God.

When we examine the twofold object of doctrine as it is presented to us in Holy Scripture, a definite pattern emerges Rom. The pattern of sound doctrine is 1 Trinitarian 1 Cor. Doctrine promotes a number of ends. Sound doctrine delivers us from the snare of false teaching 2 Tim. Doctrine shines forth as one of the glorious rays of the gospel of God 1 Tim. Contact Cancel. Free Resources.

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His influence has experienced a steady and substantial growth over the years with people of all ages. Calvary Chapel of Downey has grown to average weekly attendance of more than 9, High School, and Bible college meet the needs of this large body. Since the fall, the creation has been attempting to expel the virus of evil much like a body would expel a natural virus.

What Is Sound Doctrine?

Imagine that! Even the heavenly bodies fought against this one evil man until he was destroyed. No matter how hard he tried to escape he was always brought back into the waiting arms of the police.

The rebellious and sinful life is like that. Such is the way of unsound doctrine. Let us consider how this operates in some common areas of our lives. Just think about family relationships for instance. It is good for children to obey their parents Eph. It is good also for parents to assist their children in keeping this commandment Prov.

By obeying their parents, children learn the restraints and boundaries that will guide them through life.

1. Sound doctrine re-tells the single story that sweeps through all of Scripture.

Many are the youth who have problems with authority today because they were never taught to obey. It is good for a wife to be submissive to her husband Eph. Yet, she does need to have a deep respect and admiration for her husband. She should encourage him and allow him to exercise the spiritual authority God intended for him as priest of the home. Her submission will bring her ultimate security and happiness.

Warning Signs of False Doctrine

This certainly runs counter to much that we hear today. But remember, these new teachings have not been tried through the centuries. If husbands loved their wives in this manner, it certainly would not be so hard for wives to respect and admire them! Let us consider the area of humility. It is good and safe to be humble.

The Importance of Sound Doctrine - Perfecting of the Saints

The Bible also tells us that pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before the fall Prov. We could point out numerous other follies of pride from the word. The actual benefits of sound doctrine are many. It improves our health and even extends our lives. The scripture states that righteousness tends to life Prov.

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In a day when health foods are the rage, this simple and practical advice for good health is often overlooked. Nor are we trying to raise up a prosperity cult, but we are saying that blessing tends to be the lot of the righteous.

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Sound doctrine makes us secure, wise, happy, loved, and blessed.